LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 9-4-08

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Council Meeting Minutes

September 4 , 2008


LAUC-SC Executive Council Meeting

September 4, 2008

Present: Frank Gravier (Chair), Sarah Troy (Vice Chair), Deborah Murphy (CAPA Chair), Ken Lyons (General Committee Chair), Nicole Lawson (Secretary), and members Christy Caldwell and Ginny Steel




  1. Announcements:  The Committee on Library has a new chair for 2008-09, Elise Knittle.  Ginny will be meeting with her next week to discuss the library in the upcoming year.
  2. Update on LAUC discussion of the secondary supervisor issue:  Outgoing Chair Scott forwarded questions to Administration regarding their response to the LAUC draft proposals "Draft Appendix X-III- PAPA REP/LS - Definition of Coordinator(s) - Contributions to the Review Process" and "Draft Librarian Assignments Where Coordinator(s) Contribute to the Review Process".  Scott also met with UL Steel and AUL McGirr.  While the current Strategic Planning process may have future implications for the role of secondary supervisors, UL Steel noted that it was important to have interim process in place for the upcoming review cycle.  Further work on this issue will be handed over to CAPA.  Outgoing CAPA Chair Perry and CAPA Chair Murphy will work together to facilitate a smooth transition on the work in progress.
  3. Summary of survey responses to LAUC Membership about possible ways to improve communication between librarians and review initiators:  Chair Gravier is compiling the responses to this survey.  AUL McGirr is also polling other UCs for additional information on their processes for communicating with review initiators.  Action:  Gravier will e-mail a draft of the compiled responses to the Executive Council and discuss distribution to the membership.  The process moving forward will also be discussed at the October Council Meeting.
  4. Update to the Ongoing Tasks List:  After discussion it was decided that the Council will check-in quarterly on top priority items.  With regard to a LAUC representative on the CWC, UL Steel noted that she has received a favorable response from Ashish Soni that he may make this recommendation to the EVC, though a final decision has not been made.
    • Secretary Lawson will update the LAUC website to reflect the new check-in dates
    • Chair Gravier will meet with UL Steel and AUL McGirr to discuss outstanding items owned by Administration in November  
    • At the October Council meeting General Committee Chair Lyons will discuss implementing a Counter-Offer Process Task Force
  5. Discuss and decide how to distribute the LAUC History of Service spreadsheet:  It was decided that the spreadsheet will be posted to the LAUC website for all membership to view.  Action:  General Committee Chair Lyons will post the spreadsheet and call for corrections from the membership.
  6. Update on the R&PD Report:  Chair Gravier stated that the task force is still working on a few edits.  Outgoing Chair Scott will distribute the final draft to the membership.  Action:  The Council will discuss the final report at the December meeting.
  7. Update on Strategic Planning:  Several members of the Council are part of this working group and offered a brief summary.  Members of this group are not representing any specific unit or interest, but rather are working as stewards of the library as a whole.  The wiki is open for viewing by any staff member.  Outcomes from strategic planning are expected to focus on the users and campus rather than the library.  The Strategic Planning group will be meeting again for a two-day retreat on 9/15 & 9/16/08.  Action:  Another update will be provided at the October Council meeting.
  8. Chair’s Report:  Chair Gravier attended the statewide LAUC meeting in Oakland where Sam Dunlap, the new LAUC President, discussed business for the upcoming year.
  9. Vice Chair’ Report:  No report.
  10.  CAPA Chair’s Report:  ChairMurphy will be meeting with Outgoing Chair Perry next week to receive an update on ongoing business.  One review file remains outstanding.  CAPA will create a to-do list similar to the LAUC Ongoing Tasks List.
  11.  General Committee Chair’s Report:  Lyons has met with Outgoing Chair Kane to discuss future program possibilities.  Lyons is investigating presenters on time management and possible author events.
  12.  Secretary’s Report:  No report.

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