LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 9-3-09

LAUC-SC Executive Board Meeting
September 3, 2009
9-10:00 a.m.
Location: McHenry 0345

Present: Sarah Troy, Nicole Lawson, Lee Jaffe, Beth Remak-Honnef, Debbie Murphy, Ken Lyons

1. Announcements

Sarah and Nicole have arranged for regular monthly meetings with UL Steel.

2. Update on Counter Offer Task Force (KL)

This document was submitted to the LAUC ExBd for comments.  Ken will forward a copy on to CAPA for review and comment prior to any distribution to the LAUC membership.

3. Update on LAUC Laptops: policies and next steps (ST)

These will be going to the Circulation Desks at both libraries.  Sarah will send out a draft of the usage guidelines for comment.  Ken will cost out and recommend accessories for security and safety.

4. Review of Ongoing Tasks

Will discuss ongoing task list at next LAUC ExBd meeting to review priorities.

DM will update:

  • Counter Offer Task Force entry
  • Regular monthly meetings with UL.

5. Update on R&PD Report (NL)

Will let membership know about upcoming LAUCSC survey on the impact of reduced R&PD funds on professional travel and activities.  Suggested that LAUC statewide should look into repeating their previous member survey on travel and professional activities.

6. LAUC Priorities for Upcoming Year

Sarah noted that many local concerns were also reflected at the statewide LAUC discussions.  Below are some of the potential directions that this year's LAUC SC could focus on:

  • How to support professional development with the general reductions in funding?
  • How are job responsibilities getting done?
  • How do we maintain professional commitments and accomplishments with fewer people along with furloughs?
  • Collaboration can often mean more work, saving some money but requiring more time spent.
  • How to deal with goals vs. criteria for advancement?
  • What is "good enough"?
  • How to increase collegiality in an environment of cutbacks.
  • How can librarians do their job properly within the context of reduced time and funds?

Suggestion: Beth and Sarah will look into arranging a LAUC sponsored series of Brown Bag discussion on "How are librarians coping".

7. Chair's Report (ST)

  • LAUC StatewideExBd transition meeting was on 8/17.  The first statewide LAUC ExBd conference call was on 9/1.
  • There will be a call for a new UCSC CWC LAUC representative
  • Several statewide LAUC committees will need a UCSC representative.
  • Sarah and Nicole will be meeting monthly with Ginny to review LAUC issues.
  • The annual LAUC Fall Assembly will be at UCB on 12/3/09.
  • Sarah is looking at R&PD spending over the years and will survey membership on the impact of reduced funding.

8. Vice Chair's / R&PD Report (NL)

  • Will review guidelines on splitting funds between fiscal years
  • Will invite Connie to provide an overview of travel funding opportunities at the LAUCSC Fall membership meeting.

9. CAPA Chair's Report (LJ)


10. General Committee Chair's Report (BR)


11. Secretary's Report (DM)

The LAUC SC Ex Bd membership and mailing list has been updated.