LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 9-20-07

LAUC-SC Executive Council Meeting Minutes
Location: McHenry Library room 350
Thursday, Sept 20, 2007
9:00 am to 10:00 am

Present: Kerry Scott (Chair), Sue Perry (CAPA Chair), Danielle Kane (General Committee Chair), Christy Hightower (Secretary)
Absent: Frank Gravier (Vice Chair)
Guests: Ginny Steel, Debbie Murphy, Christy Caldwell

1. Announcements

  • UC Berkeley is hosting a Web 2.0 conference in November that includes both an introduction to Web 2.0 as well as reports from some people who are already implementing projects.
  • There is a free Library 2.0 program that will be held inside Second Life on October 5, 2007.  See email to Libstaff about this that was sent on Sept 19 by Christy Caldwell for more information.



2. Library Administration updated the PAPA-AUL documents (60 pages) and sent them to CAPA for comments.  Perry plans to send the documents to the LAUC-SC membership for comment.  If there are substantive comments CAPA will compile them and send them to Steel and McGirr for review, however, much of this document is based on the APM and cannot be changed. This new version of PAPA-AUL does include the improved hiring chronology that is now being used in the current AUL recruitment.  After review and response to CAPA's comments McGirr will then send the document to Academic HR who will make it effective.

3. Past LAUC-SC Chair Caldwell is going to draft a Statement of Responsibilities for the LAUC Buddy and will submit the draft to the LAUC-SC board at the November meeting (not October).  Caldwell reported that Jenny Reiswig from UCSD has a similar document which we can use as a model.

4. LAUC-SC job descriptions: Each LAUC-SC Executive Board member updated their informal job descriptions and sent them to the General Committee Chair who posted them on the web. Scott will take a final look at them and report back at the next meeting if anything else looks like it needs updating in these documents.

5. Hightower contacted Christine Bunting (Head of Special Collections) to consult on whether or not the change of wording in the LAUC bylaws regarding the LAUC archives would require any change in procedures for depositing items in the archive. The bylaws wording changed from specifying that the LAUC/SC Archive be "housed in" the University Library's Special Collections to having the LAUC/SC Archive be "managed by" the University Library's Special Collections.  Bunting replied via email: "I think "managed" is a better way to describe it. For now, we'll probably want to have print outs of any documents to keep the existing archive consistent and preserved. (It's not too much paper and we can use foldering to index the different docs.) As we move to more born digital material, we'd have to have a preservation site for University Archives (of which LAUC/SC is a component)  and we're not quite there yet. So paper is still good and by saying "managed" it gives us the flexibility to start inching to alternative storage and indexing."


6. Recruitment/Appointment of UCSC reps to statewide LAUC committees that need new SC members (R&PD, Diversity, and Committee on Professional Governance).  Scott heard expressions of interest from two people which was reassuring, but to be fair Scott will send out a call for interest to the entire LAUC-SC membership and will give them a week to respond.

7. LAUC-SC web page updating process: Kane (General Comm Chair) and Hightower (Secretary) are meeting together on Oct 1 to discuss how updating the website will be shared between them.

8.  Chair's Report: Update on LAUC Statewide Transition Meeting held on 8/21/07 at UC Berkeley.

LAUC financial information:  There is a good chance that the LAUC Statewide budget will not be overspent this year. LAUC gets funding as an organization.  There is about $14,000 for the President to use at his/her discretion, the rest of the budget is for travel and meetings and there is separate money for the LAUC Research Grants.

There is now a presidential laptop (thanks to Lise Snyder, 06-07 LAUC statewide chair). Lise used some of the Presidential discretionary money for fill-in-behind staffing for the ref desk at UCLA, which was the original purpose of the discretionary money.

LAUC Representative Appointments Made to CDC (Rob Melton - UCSD) and and HOPS (Cathy Palmer UCI).

There is a draft version of a LAUC Committee Representative Statement of Responsibility (from T. Dearie - UCSD) that is forthcoming.  Scott will forward when she receives it.

By-Laws Election Update:

Still waiting on UC Merced tally, but looks as though by-law changes passed.  Next steps:  UCOP needs to give final approval to the changes.  If UCOP okays, then we will have two fewer standing committees, and the revised by-laws will go up on the statewide web page. The two eliminated committees were Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction (CCRJ), and Library Plans and Policies committee.

Caldwell supplied this information from the CCRJ report from April 2007:
"The CCRJ recommends eliminating two standing committees and revising the scope of two others. 
-- Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction:  eliminate this committee; add bylaws review to the purview of the Committee on Professional Governance.
-- Library Plans and Policies:  eliminate this committee.  Appoint ad hoc committees to deal with specific policy issues.
-- Committee on Diversity :  Expand the scope of the committee to include issues of recruitment and retention."

2006-2007 Committee Charge Updates:

  • R&PD - completed their work.
  • Committee on Professional Governance - Lise has sent their work onto the ULs (summary: LAUC relationship with ULs, funding available for professional development, spreadsheet of conferences attend or would attend, one missing piece that committee felt uncomfortable following through on was gathering data about how many people were working more than one job.)
  • Diversity Committee - website clean up is on going, they are working on a checklist of materials for campuses to use to create recruitment docs, sounded like Lise hadn't given them feedback yet and they are in a holding pattern
  • Plans & Policies -  helped the advisory group to collect info for the HOPS survey & bylaws, or, was that CCRJ?

LAUC SOPAG Rep. reported about HOPS survey about the Future of Public Service:
Top 5 issues from the survey: 

  1. need to regularly assess user info seeking behavior
  2. assessment tools for all new tech-mediated services
  3. on-line tools to be used and adopted by all campuses
  4. develop and info lit + info services shared and adaptable services that scale (shared subject pages, for example)
  5. develop assessment tools for information literacy and reference

Note:  the digital reference question was phrased oddly and people felt that as a result the answers were skewed.
Scott will ask McGirr (SOPAG rep) to send survey result summary to her for distribution to the membership.

Brief Discussion was held regarding commentst that were made about librarian salaries at the past Spring Assembly:
What is LAUC's role in salary discussion? LAUC may look at models and ask questions, LAUC may also be involved for non-reppresented librarians.

Chair Elects and representatives to committees will be added to the LAUC listserve to improve communication.

Monthly conference calls of the statewide group will be held on Fridays from 2-4, once per month.

Fall Assembly will be held on 11/15 (2-4:30) and 11/16 (9-11) in Merced. The content of the program is still being determined, some ideas discussed were:

  • Melvyl/OCLC local catalog updates/discussion
  • Future of Bib Control
  • Grant Writing
  • Mass Digitization (Google, IArchive reps)
  • Web 2.0

The state-wide LAUC Website is being updated and rehauled

9.  CAPA Chair's Report - CAPA is still working on last year's reviews.

10.  General Committee Report - Kane and Murphy checked in with each other to transition the responsibilities of General Committee Chair.  Kane is working on getting a speaker for this year.

Minutes by Hightower