LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 9-2-11


LAUC Executive Council Meeting
Friday, Sept. 2, 2011, 12-1pm
Annette Marines, Nicolas Meriwether, Ginny Steele, Lucia Orlando, Ken Lyons, Kerry Scott, Greg Careaga, Sue Chesley, Elizabeth Cowell
1. Call to order
2. Minutes approval: August meeting.
Minutes have been posted on the website
3. 2011-12 LAUC SC Goals and Projects (AM)
a. 2012 Spring Assembly, hosted by LAUC SC
b. LAUC Buddy Program review
At previous meeting, had asked informally (KF and NM). With new recruitments on horizon, time to look for possible improvements to program.
c. Charge of divisional R&PD committee (AM)
Has been called in the past, not sure if consistently. By-laws say Vice Chair (LO this year) is chair of R&PD committee, 2nd member is statewide rep. A third member is still needed. In addition to charge in bylaws LAUC Exec will assign other tasks. Likely tasks include improving publicity for statewide grants, forums or other ways to support LAUC members' research activities.
d. Increasing role/participation of LAUC SC in statewide & University Library initiatives
Maybe twice a quarter, or as needed, LAUC will schedule something to get people together to keep people more informed about LAUC activities and talk as a group about changing nature of roles & systems.
4. Message from Ginny
Wanted to talk about how much change is going on: budget reductions, another reorganization, changes in the building and space, service points. We're also embarking on a project to reconceptualize the S&E library. We need broad discussions about the future of our physical libraries.
Based on public news, if not university internal news, there's still the prospect of continued budget cuts. We are in a constant state of rethinking, constant challenge for all of the UC libraries. $52 million reduction is projected for UC libraries over the next 3 years. Retirement liabilities, inflation in cost of materials, real declining budget environment - see SLASIAC report. Provost wants us to work more as a group, less independently as campuses. Work together more closely. CUL is in the process of developing new systemwide priorities, soon to be an annual planning process. There have even been discussions about sharing positions across multiple campuses. We need to figure out how to participate in that change, what we want our role to be in the system, and what we ultimately want the library to be. Anything that LAUC can do to have those conversations and keep that changing picture in focus will be helpful. Also realizes that everyone is already very busy right now.
KPS: does it make sense for LAUC chair to start coming to LMG meetings?
AM: Yes, probably. Hasn't been an issue for last couple chairs, who were already on LMG.
Action item: AM will attend LMG.
5. Report from Statewide September conference call and transition meeting in Irvine in August
Highlights of transition meeting (Both meetings shared same info, except that statewide parliamentarian is a resource to all of our campuses. Many campuses rewriting bylaws, and he will provide consultation).
Some discussion of elections, streamlining collection of ballots. AM asked if they could include local elections in any online system they're looking at. Confusion over vote tallying processing.
CPG report - LO is our rep. LAUC statewide wants to Matt Conner, UCD, past chair of CPG submitted proposal to write a book on the topic. There's concern in CPG about how to retrain librarians in their positions, based on skill sets identified as necessary. Mitchell Brown, LAUC Chair and Kerry Botello, Vice Chair will meet with ULs committee at the meeting in September, their 4 talking pts. include: CPG report, LAUC census, training and the distinguished step. Other suggestions included NGTS and shared facilities.
Another issue discussed: proposal for human subject changes affecting the use of data. See e-mail sent by LAUC Chair from UCLA.
Final committee charges for statewide committees. Pending appointments, finalizing lists. UCSC incoming members are F Gravier on diversity, L Jaffee on CPG, C Caldwell on R&PD. CPG won't have as much work this year because of large project just completed, mostly by-laws. Diversity completed census, good response rate. Membership is 435 systemwide, 328 responses to census. Diversity committee will prepare report based on census. R&PD will have two calls for grants. Last year 4 of 6 project grants were awarded this past year, plus all 27 applications for presentation grants. Acknowledged concerns about timing. Will seek more flexibility. Noted positive difference in applications vetted by local R&PD.
6. Update on Committee on Libraries (AM)
L Orlando will attend this year. Dates have been set. Twice a month. This year's chair is Roberto Manduchi. Name has been changed to Libraries and Scholarly Communication - CoLaSC.
7. Round robin from outgoing LAUC officers and Statewide reps, to help orient incoming group
LO - Message AM sent out for LAUC CPG covers it, little to add. If report reads like job description, that was pretty much dictated by the committee's charge.
KL - Little to add to earlier R&PG recap. Successful year. Still money left over. Timing remains an issue.
8. Old business – from 2010-11 (AM)
a. LAUC iPad – results of survey are in, will help us set policy for check out
Survey reflected opinion that iPad shouldn't be used for personal purposes.
There's another collections iPad for testing apps, ebooks, etc.
Guidelines for whether people can use R&PD money for apps will be set by R&PD.
b. LAUC Annual Report- draft is available
New format, hopefully easier to keep track of than 3-4 separate documents per year.
c. Changes to website - ongoing
Some inactive pages deleted.
9. New business (AM)
a. New date for LAUC divisional meeting, recommend meeting after statewide meeting, which is on the 1st Thursday of month, 2-4.
AM will propose a couple of options on Cruztime.
b. CPG report feedback needed from divisions – statewide wants divisional meetings convened
c. Assembly – Site and dates needed ASAP - Pending reply to questions from Mitchell Brown, statewide chair - need to convene small group of 3 at SC for initial task.
Discussing option of having meeting outside of Santa Cruz. University Inn is closed. Initial group of three will vet some possible sites - availability and cost. Asking statewide about bad dates. Assembly will be in May. Can also pursue option of hosting at McHenry, gauge interest in tours, cost of transportation to campus, etc.
d. LAUC buddy review – Idea: interview newest librarians, LAUC buddies and supervisors to learn what worked well, what could be improved. - Convene a group to conduct interviews.
Desired: a committee of three. Will open up to membership for volunteers.
e. Increase the number of general membership meeting from 2 a year to 2/quarter
Times will be set in advance.
f. LAUC budget
10. Announcements
11. Adjournment