LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 9-2-10


LAUC Executive Board Meeting
2 Sept. 2010


Present: Nicole Lawson, Annette Marines, Kerry Scott, Greg Careaga

Guests: Frank Gravier, Sarah Troy


Note: Annette Marines taking minutes for Nicholas Meriwether.



  • There were no announcements

LAUC Survey of Campus Committee Participation (Sarah Troy):

  • Sarah Troy reported receiving 4 responses to the survey on librarians who serve on committees on the UCSC campus. Some obvious campus committee appointments were missing.
  • Next steps: Contact individuals known to serve on committees. Annette Marines, as Vice Chair, will assume this responsibility.
  • Future plans: The data will be posted to the General Membership Website. By learning who serves on campus-wide committees, LAUC will be able to increase communication and determine how to increase involvement or representation.

CWC Report (Annette Marines):

  • There is a new job description, which is posted on the LAUC Website.
  • Before the first CWC meeting (not yet scheduled) Annette will call a brown-bag meeting for the end of next week or beginning of the following week to discuss ideas to bring to CWC.
  • Greg Careaga proposed extending the bike path for pedestrian access. Kerry Scott suggested that examples of what CWC has talked about might help generate relevant ideas. Annette Marines will also contact Connie Croker for assistance with brown bag.
  • Annette Marines also discussed mental health services, which was on the last CWC meeting’s agenda. She highlighted a library incident report from June as an example of a mental health crisis situation. LAUC SC agreed that a brown bag on knowing about the campus resources would be helpful. Kerry Scott will follow up on ideas that were raised.

LAUC Statewide transition meeting (Nicole Lawson):

  • Nicole reported on the transition meeting that took place on August 9 in Oakland.
  • This year’s theme is "Next Generation LAUC."
  • CPG will follow up on the future of librarianship in UC libraries with a report that should be ready by the Spring Assembly.
  • The Diversity committee will gather diversity-related statistics and compare them to local, state, and national figures, to be used for strategic decisions. LAUC SC provided feedback that Nicole Lawson planned to raise at the statewide meeting this afternoon.
  • UCB’s progress on the distinguished/barrier step was reported on. Related to the UCB efforts is UCLA’s opposition to the call for reviews on their campus, which asks librarians for 3-5-7 year plans. Comment from LAUC Statewide is on hold until the UCB matter is finalized. Depending on the UCB outcome, LAUC Statewide may follow up with an action.
  • LAUC Statewide will only sponsor 1 assembly from now on. The decision now appears in the bylaws. The next statewide assembly will be hosted by Santa Barbara in March. Annette and Nicole will attend as delegates; UCSC only gets two.
  • Career Compass—an HR software specifically for streamlining job descriptions—was discussed at the meeting.

Chair's Report (Nicole Lawson):

  • Nicole Lawson and Annette Marines met with Ginny Steel the day before.  On her agenda is the UL’s meeting on the 15th. The LAUC Statewide President, Michael Yonezawa, will be there. She expects that the distinguished step will be discussed.
  • Ginny Steel also mentioned that SLAISIAC has charged a “Future of the UC Library” committee. This is separate from the Committee on the Future. The committee is on a fast track, with a preliminary report due in December and a final report in March. Membership spans the system-wide upper administration with EVC, faculty, UL members as well as two outside members.
  • Additionally there will be a review of CDL, and the UC Press and E-Scholarship merger is going ahead. ULs are advocating to preserve the original mission of e-Scholarship.

Vice Chair's Report (Annette Marines):

  • Annette Marines is reviewing her VC job description; still needs a copy of the Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • Otherwise, nothing to report.

CAPA Chair's Report (Greg Careaga):

  • Greg Careaga reported on the feedback from the membership received to date. Other comments are still being gathered.
  • The CAPA report will be completed soon.
  • In 2009-10, 11 files were submitted for review.

General Committee Chair's Report (Kerry scott):

  • Kerry Scott reported on the 2 most recent LAUC events, both co-hosted by Kerry Scott and Beth Remak-Honnef.
  • Both were successful and attracted many attendees.
  • The first was the LAUC social event held off-site; the second was a library-wide event, which included an art activity, folding paper with Hisako Nakazawa.

Secretary's Report (Nicholas Meriwether):

  • No report.

Side note:

  • Greg Careaga suggested that LAUC should take the lead in hosting a brownbag on the changes to retirement.
  • Frank Gravier expressed interest in how feedback is handled, specifically CWC.