LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 9-18-97

LAUC/SC Executive Council Meeting Minutes, 9/18/97

Present: Soehner, Murphy, Hubble, Chang

Guest: D. Turner


D. Turner proposed that LAUC sponsor up to $600 in airfare to bring

poet Cheryl Clarke to UCSC in September 1997. Proposal was approved.


The Fall LAUC-SC meeting is set for Thursday, November 6th, at 10am. The

meeting will be a joint LAUC-SC meeting & CAPA Update/Review session.

One topic to be discussed at that meeting is the new plan for

redistribution of unspent R&PD funds.


There was discussion of how to spend the LAUC admin funds.

One proposal is to purchase a laptop, to be shared by library staff who

would like acomputer to do work at home or at a conference. D. Murphy

presented a price quote for a Macintosh Powerbook1400. More discussion

followed regarding where the computer would be kept, what the policy

would be for use and what additional costs would be incurred in later

years for upkeep and maintenance. Members agreed more discussion was

needed if a computer is purchased with LAUC funds.

Soehner mentioned the idea of hosting a library security meeting, for all

the Northern UC campuses.

Mintutes by Hubble

LAUC/SC Executive Council Meeting Minutes, 9/18/97 CORRECTION

LAUC/SC members,

Please note the following correction in the time.

The Fall LAUC-SC/CAPA joint meeting is set for Thursday, November

6th, from 8:30-10:00 a.m. It does not start at 10:00, as reported in the