LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 9-14-06

LAUC-SC Executive Council Minutes 9/14/06

9:00-10 a.m. S&E Room 215

Present: Hubble (Chair), Graiver (CAPA chair), Hsiung (Secretary), Scott (Vice-Chair)
Absent: Murphy (General Committee Chair)

LAUC-SC Tentative Meeting Schedules: Oct. 5, Nov. 2.

Lauc Fall General Assembly will be held at UCD on Nov. 14. LAUC-SC General Membership Meeting and CAPA Workshop dates to be announced.

Chair's Report

  • Welcome is extended to new officers
  • LAUC Transition meeting at UCLA: Hubble will send out call for LAUC statewide priorities from UCSC for submission to LAUC; there is a statewide LAUC budget deficit
  • Vacancies for local appointments should all be filled soon
  • Call for filling the vacancy for Information Literacy statewide appointment will go out soon

CAPA Chair's Report

  • All review documentation has been received and CAPAs recommendations have been forwarded to the deciding officers.
  • Preparation of the annual report is in progress
  • Librarian recruitments: Temporary Librarian for Access Services; Metadata/Cataloging Librarian; Substitute Reference Desk Librarian Pool.