LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 8/5/99

LAUC/SC Executive Board Meeting

August 5, 1999 McHenry Room 325

Present: Chesley, Jahns, Mokrzycki, Murphy


1. Announcements

The statewide LAUC transitional Board meeting is August 17th.

LAUC/SC representatives are needed for several statewide committees

(Professional Governance, Library Plans and Policies). Murphy and Chesley

will talk with suggested contacts or issue a call if need on the



2. LAUC Spring Executive Board Meeting


Murphy reported on the May 1999 statewide LAUC Executive Board meeting.

Meeting minutes are expected shortly. Topics discussed included LAUC

committees. Committees were encouraged to meet annually, to work on

issues in the standing charges in addition to special charges, and to keep

in mind that while reporting is expected at the Spring Assembly, charges

and work continue until the end of August.


3. Fall Assembly Planning and R&PD

Chesley reported on the 8/4/99 local meeting held on planning for the

Fall statewide LAUC meetings to be held at UCSC. The Board Meeting on

November 18th will be in McHenry Room 325; the Fall Assembly will be

held at the Arboretum on November 19th. Chesley has a detailed and

comprehensive list of items needing to be coordinated or arranged.

Jaffe has set up a preliminary online registration form; Murphy will work

on the Web page. Gordon will assist with Assembly lunch arrangements.

Additional help with transportation and housing arrangements are needed.

LAUC/SC members are encouraged to volunteer now to coordinate or manage

of the specific areas.


R&PD Formula

Chesely reported that the formula worked well again this year for

allocating out unused R&PD funds. The allocation for 1999/2000 is $850

per LAUC/SC member.


4. CAPA Report (Jahns)

Jahns reported that CAPA has completed its work on librarian reviews and

will be meeting with the University Librarian for the traditional

post-review wrapup. The review year was busy but went smoothly.


CAPA made nominations for the Media Development Librarian selection

committee. Christine Bunting will serve as Chair; other members are

Ann Hubble and Debbie Murphy. Based on several inquiries from LAUC/SC

members, CAPA suggests that the librarian selection committee be

announced via the LAUC/SC reflector when the committee is formed, for

timely dissemination\ of information of interest to the membership.



Jahns made several suggestions about interview schedules for candidates

that would provide some form of more casual contact with other librarians

who are NOT part of the hiring process. This would give the candidates

the opportunity to gain more information about the local area, housing,

transportation and other non-interview topics of interest to the




Set aside 15-20-30 minutes during the day-long interview for a more

casual chat with a few librarians about the area or other general



Develop opportunity for 2-3 librarians to take interviewees to a casual

casual dinner, or for a walk along West Cliff, along Pacific Avenue,

etc. Interviewees who take the shuttle bus to Santa Cruz from the

airport might particularly appreciate an opportunity to see more of

the area and ask questions about living in Santa Cruz.


After a new librarian has been hired, solicit a librarian

volunteer from the LAUC/SC Executive Board to have lunch

with the new hire at least once. This would provide an

opportunity to discuss LAUC and help the new person become

more acquainted with librarians outside their section.

(similar to UCSD LAUC Buddies program).


The Board concurred with these suggestions and will forward them to the

AUL-HR for consideration.


5. General Committee Report

Mokrzycki reported that $182 of funding remained and would be rolled over

into the 1999/2000 budget. No further programs for 1998/1999 are



Next meeting: Sept. 2, 1999 9am, room 325 McHenry


Minutes by Mokrzycki and Jahns