LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 8-7-08

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Council Meeting Minutes

August 7, 2008

Present: Kerry Scott (Chair), Frank Gravier (Vice-Chair), Sue Perry (CAPA Chair), Danielle Kane (General Committee Chair), Christy Hightower (Secretary) and members: Nicole Lawson, Cynthia Jahns, Ken Lyons, Christy Caldwell.

1. Announcements: The following LAUC members have been invited to join the library's strategic planning process which will begin with a meeting on August 18th, and continue with meetings September 15-16: Annette Marines, Sue Perry, Nicole Lawson, Sarah Troy, Danielle Kane, Kerry Scott, Greg Careaga, Lucia Orlando and Christy Hightower.

2. Discussion of LAUC response to draft versions of two documents regarding the definition and role of coordinators in the review process. The two draft documents were distributed to the LAUC executive board on 7/30/08 and are titled "Draft Appendix X-III- PAPA REP/LS - Definition of Coordinator(s) - Contributions to the Review Process" and "Draft Librarian Assignments Where Coordinator(s) Contribute to the Review Process."

Per the minutes of the June 2008 Executive Council meeting: "Steel requested that LAUC provide some suggestions and guidance for how secondary supervisors might work best during this interim period between now and the launch of whatever new structure arises from strategic planning. ACTION: The LAUC executive board will draft a memo to UL Steel by July 1 that suggests an interim strategy for secondary supervisors and that also outlines some preliminary thoughts about best practices on the topic that may help inform the strategic planning process."

In the memo delivered to UL Steel the Executive Council proposed that the library maintain the status quo situation with secondary supervisors until after strategic planning has informed the library's structure and more fully clarified reporting lines. The Executive Council also offered, based on the discussion held during the June meeting, suggestions for consideration during strategic planning. The text of the Executive Council's proposal is available here.

In response to the LAUC Executive Council's proposal, Library Administration has drafted language for PAPA-LS. The new language changes the title of secondary supervisors to coordinators, outlines expectations for the coordinators, and begins to define the coordinator's responsibilities to the librarians whose work they oversee. At today's meeting the Council discussed Administration's draft proposal and will send its questions of clarification to Administration.


  • Send questions to Administration (Scott will draft and send to Board)
  • Request that Administration share the coordinator proposal draft with the membership
  • Set a date for a membership check-in meeting with Admin (Scott and Gravier will find a date in September)
  • Post LAUC proposal to the LAUC web site

3. Update on results from the survey to LAUC membership about possible ways to improve communication between librarians and review initiators. There were five responses to the survey, and each was substantive and detailed. As reported earlier, AUL for Administrative Services McGirr is polling the other UC campuses about their practices in this area. ACTION:Gravier will summarize the survey responses and send to the LAUC Executive Council, after which a mechanism of sharing the summary with the membership will be discussed and implemented. The summary will also be included in the next CAPA report.

4. Discussion and final decision regarding nominating a LAUC representative to strategic planning. After discussion it was decided not to request a LAUC representative at this time. ACTION: The LAUC chair will invite librarians who are participating in strategic planning to attend future LAUC Executive Council meetings to brief the council and the membership on the process as it unfolds.

5. Review and discussion of draft spreadsheet to track LAUC ongoing tasks. Scott distributed a printout of the draft web page containing the table. The current version of the table is available here. Currently the table is populated with the fifteen tasks outlined in the Recruitment & Retention Report, with spaces to add the recommendations from the soon to be released Research Professional Development Funding report. The table lists the action, the source the action originated from, progress/last action, the owner (Admin or LAUC) and the next check in date. If the owner is Admin then LAUC's task is to check in with Administration on progress to date and to remind them of LAUC's interest in the issue. The intention is for the Progress/Last Action text to be a brief summary and date of the action, with detailed accounts of the actions to be documented in the LAUC board meeting minutes. It was proposed that the Next Check-in Date for all tasks be reset to September at the end of August each year so that the new incoming LAUC Council would be alerted to review the chart and set the checkin dates for all the tasks for the new year, which commences in September. ACTION: load this web page in the LAUC server space and link to it from the LAUC home page, with the owner of the page set to be the LAUC Secretary, whose job is to keep the table updated.

6. Update and next steps for membership review of the spreadsheet of history of LAUC service. Kane reported that the Google Doc spreadsheet has been updated, and that the Executive Council has been given access. ACTION: It was previously agreed that this spreadsheet would be shared with the membership so they were aware of it and could confirm the accuracy of the data. The incoming Executive Council will implement that decision.

7. Update on R&PD Task Force report. Scott summarized the work of the task force to date. ACTIONS: The final report will be done by the end of August, and will be distributed to the Executive Council and then to the membership.

8. Check-in on updating of informal LAUC Executive Council member job descriptions. - this was postponed. ACTION: Council members are to update their job descriptions on the web by September 4 (the date of the Council's next meeting).

9. Chair's Report - Chair Scott thanked the 2007-2008 members of the Executive Council for their hard work during this very busy year.

10. Vice Chair's Report - Vice Chair Gravier thanked Chair Scott for her leadership this past year, and for her dedication and hard work.

11. CAPA Chair's Report - CAPA is still missing one file that should have been turned in this past year, and is working on the second to last file.

12. General Committee Chair's Report - Paul Machlis has graciously volunteered to offer the LAUC membership a program on time management. ACTION: Since the Council it about to turn over, this offer will be turned over to the incoming General Committee Chair Ken Lyons for followup.

13. Secretary's Report - none at this time.

Minutes by Hightower