LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 8-5-10

LAUC Meeting
5 Aug. 2010

Present: Sarah Troy, Kerry Scott, Annette Marines, Nicole Lawson,
Beth Remak-Honnef, Nicholas Meriwether

Transition Meeting


  • CWC Job Description
  • Debbie Murphy and Nicholas Meriwether to work on migrating acronym list to drupal;
  • LAUC rep is on CWC; we represent both librarians and the Library; job description to be approved and sent out to general membership; posted to website on Aug. 13.
  • Sarah Troy: all changes to job description to be approved.
  • Annette Marines offers to continue as CWC rep for next year; Committee thanks her.

Chair’s Report (Nicole Lawson):

  • No statewide call this month;
  • Ongoing task list: drafted letter to Chancellor Blumenthal re: Commission on the Future; will wait to send until second-round recommendations vetted and new EVC’s come on board;
  • Will comment on all recommendations; important to make sure we’re on Blumenthal’s radar;
  • Agreed that it will be posted on a Wiki for general comment;
  • Issue of how Library is represented on campus-wide committees;
  • Annette Marines suggests greater specificity; Sarah Troy concerned that bigger issue is not knowing what representation is happening;
  • Conclusion: need to specify all committee representation to eliminate ambiguity; provide examples (eg, Web Steering Committee, etc.); and specify on reply line, “Reply needed.”
  • Ongoing Task List: posted on Library home page, under Staff / LAUC page; updates ongoing, posted by Sarah Troy; acronyms to be done by Nicholas Meriwether and Debbie.
  • Greg Careaga to handle all tasks assigned to CAPA; thanks to him for updating acronyms, Nicholas Meriwether and Debbie to implement in drupal meeting on Monday; agenda for upcoming year to be discussed;
  • In discussion with Christine Valentino to address.

Vice Chair’s Report (Annette Marines): Statewide transition

  • Presentation by Connie and Kate on RMPD and travel funding;
  • How to split travel funds when multiple functions handled, eg admin vs. RMPD funds; depends on event, case-by-case decision basis; (eg, if travel is occurring due to an reorg., admin. funds can be used);
  • LMG membership means greater access to admin. funds; Kerry Scott suggests that distinction be made between strictly job-related travel vs. actual professional development;
  •  Consensus is that greater effort needs to be made to educate LMG membership on what might be classified as admin. travel/expense;
  • Kerry Scott notes that basis is really whether one is asked to travel by one’s supervisor;
  • Conversation will continue.

CAPA Chair’s Report (Kerry Scott)

  • Issues and questions should be emailed to Kerry Scott;
  • Kerry Scott to follow up with phone calls; in the past, only called people who were reviewed; this year, should include all members;
  • Good conversation.

General Committee Chair’s Report (Beth Remak-Honnef):

  • End of summer gathering plans; happy hour on Aug. 27, at 515 (downtown Santa Cruz).
  • Hisako Nakazawa to demonstrate paper folding (Aug. 31) and paper conservation techniques.