LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 8-4-11

LAUC Executive Meeting

4 August 2011


Present: Annette Marines (Chair),  Nicholas Meriwether (Secretary), Greg Careaga (CAPA Chair), Lucia Orlando (General Committee Chair-Elect), Sarah Troy (Immediate Past Chair), Frank Gravier.

1. Call to order

2. Approval of July 7 Minutes: Chair Marines has some corrections; once entered, those will be circulated for approval.

3. Reports

  • Chair’s Report (AM): Did not meet with UL Steel for regular meeting. The July statewide meeting was cancelled. LAUC statewide documents were emailed to local division for comment, but no responses were received; these documents will be discussed at this afternoon’s Statewide Exec meeting. The LAUC Statewide transition meeting is Monday Aug. 8; Annette and Cynthia, the outgoing statewide secretary, will attend. R&PD grant announcement went out in July; two local librarians received a presentation grant. The Distinguished Step report is at UCOP; The LAUC representatives to SOPAG, SLASIAC and HOPS were named.
  • General Committee Chair (KS): No report (Scott absent).
  • Secretary (NM): Much good research and publishing is being done and some colleagues have expressed interest in having a regular colloquium to support each other’s work, which LAUC could take a leadership role in establishing. One idea might be brown bag lunches; another might be more formal, longer presentations. The meetings would encourage collaboration, support research, and foster participation in national professional discourses. This would aid morale by increasing awareness of the work being done as well as further the goal of raising the professional profile of the library on campus and nationwide. Annette noted that this kind of effort falls under the purview of the local Research & Professional Development Committee, which is chaired by the LAUC-SC Vice Chair, and includes the statewide representative to the RPD committee and a member at large. LAUC Exec can charge this committee to explore the issue raised.

4. Reports from Boards and standing committees

  • CAPA (GC): CAPA has completed its review work for the year. The CAPA report will be completed after a meeting with UL Steel and will be presented at the fall general membership meeting.
  • RPD-SC (AM): No report; the committee lapsed into inactivity after work on web documents pertaining to the local RPD and reviewing local proposals for statewide grants.
  • Campus Welfare Committee (AM) – Annette communicated with the staff person to the committee, Ditmars, to find out the status of the committee; Sahni, the chair, replied that the committee will not meet next year.
  • Committee on Libraries and Scholarly Communications (AM): No substantive report, as committee had not met since May. Scott inquired about the status of the Campus Department Liaisons, a program that came out of the COLASC. They have been helpful in collection development activities.



  • 5. Reports of special committees

    • Future of the Assemblies (AM): This committee was charged in March but never met; report is due Aug. 5 to Michael Yonazawa.



  • 6. Ongoing Business

    • LAUC iPad Policy (all): Issue is how apps are loaded and paid for, and the interaction with IT. Ultimate authority for adding apps rests with Frank Dang. Question is whether adding apps is a one-time process or ongoing; if ongoing, that has implications for the LAUC budget. The same scenario exists for collection development iPads. Greg noted that the process is evaluative: prospective apps are reviewed then uploaded. A number of free apps exists as well. Apple has a program for institutions to manage multiple licenses; it would be easier for the Library to buy a block of app money. Annette noted that differing use levels and kinds of use would be a determinant: are librarians really using them, or is it simple convenience—i.e., taking notes at conferences. Annette will send out a survey to assess iPad  use. Lucia noted that word processing is critical. The checkout policy has already been determined: in Millenium (but not viewable to the public, ie via CRUZCAT); 3 week checkout with unlimited renewals, holds allowed; will be stored at McHenry.
    • Summary of Activities reports (all): These supplant the supplemental job descriptions and need to be compiled in a week. Discussion ensued over how these will be compiled and shared with the membership, for example, the LAUC web page.
    • Feedback on Statewide CPG Report (all): Documents are available; see 6/29 message to LAUCSC-X from Nicole Lawson. Lucia noted that it was a broad charge: what will the future UC librarian need to be? The report reads like a job description, with public services implied. Met, generated report, sent to statewide LAUC.
    • Feedback on LPTF Report (all): The deadline for submitting comments has passed. The chair heard comment from one local librarian. A couple campuses held brownbags. Their comments were used to generate a campus-specific report of comments/feedback. These comments were forwarded to the LAUC SC email list.
    • Census Survey Report (AM): Thirteen responses received as of August 1; 22 librarians total. Annette will send reminder.



  • 7. New Business

    • LAUC Statewide appointments (AM): Sent out a call and identified openings; selection criteria are whether someone had not served in the last year in a LAUC capacity. Results: Christy Caldwell, R&PD; Frank Gravier, Diversity; Lee Jaffe, Professional Governance.
    • LAUC Website (AM): The move to a new website provides an opportunity to clean up some things, e.g., the “About Our Division” page is confusing. Frank pointed out that the webmaster is specified in supplementary job descriptions in the bylaws. Annette noted that the spreadsheet of membership and duties is confusing and needs an archival alternative; in discussion it was agreed to evaluate to see which is more useful, with Annette to implement. Annette will consult with Sarah to determine if user services/resource sharing students may be able to assist with data entry.
    • Planning for September Transition Meeting (AM): Annette will use the LAUC Statewide Agenda as a model for the upcoming divisional transition meeting; purpose will be to provide continuity from one year to the next and help new participants ease into roles. Lucia emphasized that this would be a good way to mention special projects and provide a better idea of what to pay attention to in the Assembly.

    8. Announcements (all): No announcements.

    9. Adjournment