LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 8-2-07

LAUC-SC Executive Council Minutes 08/02/07

9:00-9:45 a.m. Joe's Pizza & Subs in the Quarry

Present: Caldwell (Chair), Graiver (CAPA chair), Hsiung (Secretary), Murphy (General Committee Chair), Scott (Vice-Chair)
Guest: McGirr

A. LAUC Statewide Transition Meeting at UCB will be held on August 21. Caldwell and Scott will attend. Any matters arising during this transition period should be forwarded to Caldwell who would hold them until the new LAUC term starts.

B. Membership Reimbursement Policy: Kate presented a draft of the Membership dues payments for Librarians out of the R&PD fund and also a revised draft of Librarian Request for Support. To have the library pay the vendor directly is the preferred option. Additionally, whenever possible, institutional rather than individual memberships shall be obtained, since institutional memberships often allow participation by several or alternate employees. Kate will work with Financial Services and Jaffe on the list of institutional memberships of interest to the librarians and this list will be maintained on the Library Financial Services website. Approval of membership dues payments will become effective retrospectively as of July 1, 2007. This will be evaluated at the end of the current fiscal year in June 2008.

C. PAPA-AUL: Library Administration is in the process of preparing PAPA-AUL and will seek input from LAUC before forwarding it to campus HR, hopefully by September.

D. By-Laws changes from 2001 vote: General Committee Chair will incorporate the 2001 changes into the existing by-laws to bring them up-to-date.

E. LAUC-SC job descriptions: Each LACU-SC Executive Board member will update one's own job description and send it to either the General Committee Chair or Secretary for posting on the LAUC-SC site. The incoming Secretary will be asked to consider how to implement the change of having the LAUC/SC Archive "housed in" the University Library's Special Collections to having the LAUC/SC Archive "managed by" the University Library's Special Collections.

F. Retention proposal: The Chair is going to draft a Statement of Responsibilities for the LAUC Buddy and submit the draft to the new LAUC/SC board.

The Chair thanked every Executive Board member and the members also expressed appreciation to the Chair for her leadership.

- Minutes by Hsiung