LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 7-7-11

LAUC Executive Meeting

7 July 2011


Present: Annette Marines (Chair),  Nicholas Meriwether (Secretary), Greg Careaga (CAPA Chair), Kerry Scott (General Committee Chair), Sarah Troy (Immediate Past Chair), Katie Fortney (Secretary-Elect).

1. Announcements (all): LAUC systemwide census survey went out; the Council will remind their units to complete. The LAUC membership needs to be emailed again about the posting of the last general meeting minutes.

2. Approval of Minutes, 4/12 (AM/all): Approved with change.

3. LAUC iPad Policies (AM/all): Policies exist and need to be slightly revised to include the new iPad. The new iPad replaces the old PC laptop. Annette will update the web page.

4. Summary of Activities Reports (all): The LAUC statewide reps will be asked to report briefly on their activities. Should CAPA Chair be asked to contribute or should we refer to CAPA report? (for discussion, see CAPA report). A couple of reports have been completed; all reports need to be submitted before the next meeting.

5. Statewide CPG Report (AM/all): Sarah noted the absence of public service in the report. It was noted that the information solicited was to provide a snapshot, a state-of-mind document, separate from the strategic objectives of the University and the Library as a whole; some discussion over the purpose of the report ensued.

6. LPTF (Library Planning Task Force) (AM/all): LPTF is an initiative developed by SLASIAC; no report.

7. Chairs Report (AM): With Nicole’s departure, Annette is Chair. Annette attended the last Committee on Committees meeting and made some good connections and also met with UL Steel for the regular monthly meeting. They discussed the upcoming Assembly and the local LAUC role, which is limited to local arrangements, not agenda; Ginny expressed concern about transportation and safety implications. Ginny mentioned that UC has hired a consultant to perform a climate (morale) assessment survey, systemwide. UL’s group, chaired by Ginny, had a planning session in June, wherein they revisioned the vision statement of the university libraries and reviewed the 3-year plan, which then goes to SOPAG. Some of the activities include the UC collection for the 21st century and NGTS.

8. CWC Report (AM): Cancelled the last one; very inactive this year; diversity initiative has taken up much time; should put a call out for interested participants. It is a two-year commitment.

9. Immediate Past President (ST): No report.

10. CAPA Chair (KS, ST): Work is complete; next step will be feedback gathered from the membership about the process and areas for potential improvement. Discussion ensued over whether CAPA chair’s report should be summarized for LAUC; consensus is that no, in part due to timeline difficulties as well as workload. Kerry noted that there is remarkable consistency to the concerns voiced in the annual CAPA reports. Annette voiced concern over the repetitive nature of the complaints and how that could best be addressed. Ideas for strengthening mentoring program discussed.

11. General Committee Chair (KS): No report.

12. Secretary’s Report (NM): No report.