LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 7-3-03

LAUC SC Meeting Minutes July 3, 2003

(this meeting was called to discuss the SOPAG reports prior to the general meeting July 8th, 2003)

Present: Deb Turner (Chair), Greg Careaga (Vice Chair), Ken Lyons (General Committee Chair), Lucia Orlando (Secretary)

The Statewide LAUC transition meeting will take place at the end of August. LAUC-SC will not meet in August, unless there are pressing Agenda items. The next LAUC-SC meeting will take place in September with the newly elected LAUC-SC officers.

  1. Announcements
  2. Chair's report (Turner)
  1. Turner distributed a brief document regarding future ideas for LAUC-SC, such as, LAUC's role and the Academic Senate, and organizing the LAUC-SC website.
  2. Turner reported on matters before the LAUC Executive board, including: filling the forthcoming vacancy on the Committee on Professional Governance; change to the charge for the Library Plans and Policies committee. As a side note, the LAUC Parliamentarian recently pointed out that the CDL UL is a LAUC member at UCB.
  3. Turner will send the LAUC resolution on the USA Patriot Act to the Academic Senate's Committee on the Library, MOBAC, Golden Gate Library Network, and the college liaison librarians.
  4. The group discussed presenting the SOPAG reports at the special July 8th LAUC-SC membership meeting.

3. Secretary's report (Orlando)

  • Orlando is in process of transferring LAUC SC records to Special Collections.
  • Orlando will be transmitting the LAUC-SC election results to the LAUC Statewide secretary.

4. General Committee Report (Lyons)

  • The LAUC-SC election has been completed and the turnout was excellent, 68%. This can probably be partially attributed to the fact that Science now has their own ballot box which made voting more convenient.
  • Subscription to professional literature in librarianship: The membership will be polled as to the desired access option, at the July 8th meeting (SOPAG Reports).

5. Vice Chair and R&PD Committee Report (Careaga)

  • Careaga will be making an announcement at the July 8th meeting (SOPAG Reports) regarding surplus R&PD funds.
  • Careaga agreed to draft a Vice Chair/Chair Elect job description for the LAUC-SC web site.

 Minutes by Lucia Orlando (Secretary)