LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 7-21-01

LAUC-SC Executive Council Meeting
Science Library
July 21, 2001 Present: Ann Hubble (Chair), Larry Millsap (Vice-chair), Cynthia Jahns (Secretary), Catherine Soehner (CAPA Chair), Christy Hightower (General Committee Chair). Announcements: There will be no August meeting of the LAUC-SC Executive Council. The group discussed whether to hold a transition meeting locally, but decided that one-on-one meetings with our successors would be preferable. Hubble will attend the September meeting as past chair. Chair's Report: The statewide transition meeting is being arranged, but there is no date yet. Hubble will arrange for "LAUC Buddies" for Annette Marines and Ken Lyons, new reference librarians who began work this month. Secretary's Report: The Secretary reported that the LAUC web pages have been Updated, and that LAUC election results from LAUC-SC were sent to the LAUC Secretary. CAPA Chair's Report: CAPA Chair Soehner reported that CAPA has finished with all librarian reviews. During the summer CAPA will conduct interviews with librarians regarding the recruitment and the review processes. Their comments will go into the CAPA Report. General Committee Chair's Report: Hightower reported that the LAUC statewide and local elections have been accomplished. The results are: LAUC-SC Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Deborah Turner LAUC-SC Secretary: Christy Caldwell LAUC-SC CAPA Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Paul Machlis LAUC-SC CAPA Member at Large: Christy Hightower LAUC-SC General Committee Chair: Kerry Scott LAUC/SC Bylaws: All 5 proposed changes passed. Research & Professional Development Report: Larry Millsap reported that all professional development funds have been spent for the year. He will write a report regarding this year's expenditures. New business: 1. The group discussed what to do with paper copies of the LAUC-SC Manual, which have been surrendered by librarians who left this year. Even though LAUC-SC has agreed that the manual will only be maintained on the web, some find it easier to read through some of the historic documents, or see the organization of some long sections, in print. Millsap will house old copies on his "wheel" (round notebook storage unit) in the Cataloging area in McHenry Library. 2. Job descriptions submitted by the members of the Executive Council were discussed. They should be very useful for people assuming a new office, or for those considering running for an office. Jahns will add them to the LAUC-SC web site, which is at Submitted by Cynthia Jahns, Secretary.