LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 7-10-08

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Board Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2008

Present: Kerry Scott (Chair), Frank Gravier (Vice Chair), Sue Perry (CAPA Chair), Christy Hightower (Secretary), Danielle Kane (General Committee Chair), and members: Christy Caldwell, Cynthia Jahns.


1. Update from the local R&PD task force.  The task force (chair Scott, members Gravier, Hightower and Ken Lyons) is working on the final draft of the report, and will be meeting on July 14th.

2. Check-in on progress on action items regarding training for review initiators from the June 5 meeting, which were:
a) "CAPA Chair Perry will interview Gomez to document her supervisory best practices for distribution to the membership". This is done.  Perry interviewed Gomez and recorded chronologically many pragmatic things she did at each stage in the year that lead to successfully meeting deadlines and having good information at each stage.  Perry will  mesh this information with the steps in PAPA to produce an informal guide for review initiators.

b) "The Executive Board will convene a focus group of both new and experienced review initiators to listen to their current needs and to hear their suggestions of what works well. Some of the desired outcomes of the focus group might be a Tips Sheet of practical things that work well, a list of some general best practices, and a list of training/information needs for further follow up."  It was agreed that the focus group should be held after CAPA has finished their work on all the current files of people up for review this year.  This would make Fall the best time.  The focus group will be organized by the Executive Board with input from CAPA.  It was noted that LAUC can be most helpful in facilitating training and communication on management issues in general while CAPA can be most helpful in facilitating improved review packet preparation, timetable adherence and policy understanding.

c) "CAPA will work on organizing some informal "brown bag" meetings for review initiators that will focus on the review process and the content of the review letters, for example what activities are most appropriate to put in what categories, and what level of documentation is appropriate."  Again, Fall is probably the best time to schedule this, before the next round of review packet preparation begins.  It was also noted that it is helpful for people up for review to also hear this information. Perry will continue to work on this with the new CAPA as she will be CAPA past chair in fall. 

3.Per item #2 above, planning for review initiator focus group. This was deferred to the incoming executive board for an event in fall.

4. Review of draft survey to LAUC membership about possible ways to improve communication between librarians and review initiators. Gravier distributed a draft more along the lines of a request for comment rather than a formal survey. The draft was accepted. It was suggested that a mechanism for responding anonymously be provided, such as the option to put a response in the ballot boxes we used for the election. It was agreed that the "survey" should go out in July or August and definitely before the fall quarter starts, as this timing would help inform the focus group sessions and brown bags planned for fall, and possibly also the strategic planning process starting at the end of August. ACTION: Gravier will send the text of the survey to the executive board electronically and will finalize a timetable for its distribution. [done]

Perry mentioned that she had talked to UL for Administrative Services McGirr about the practice of using a written list of goals and objectives as a communication tool between supervisors and librarians and Perry reported that McGirr will take the lead on polling other campuses about their practices and will let Perry know what she finds. 

5. Discussion of proposal that LAUC make a statement about the fact that campus has classified the library as a non-teaching unit and its budgetary implications. [item postponed from last month].  This item was not taken up since the LAUC member who had proposed it was not present, but it was noted that this was an appropriate topic for LAUC to discuss raising campus awareness about.  Item deferred to the next LAUC board for its possible consideration.


7. Discussion and creation of spreadsheet to track LAUC ongoing tasks. Put on Google docs? Any concern about Google doc privacy? After discussion of the pros and cons of Google hosted documents it was decided to create a table in a web page that would be linked from the LAUC web page.  The table will list the items that LAUC has ongoing, and will track the progress on those items with dates. It will also serve as a reminder to the board about the many items the board is working on so that none fall through the cracks. The table is expected to be a brief summary of the actions and responses, with the details being recorded in the minutes of the Executive Board meetings. The LAUC secretary will be charged with updating the table on the web.  The question of whether the items should drop off the table when they are completed or stay on as a historical record of completed outcomes was raised.  That decision was deferred, to be decided after the table had been used for a while.  ACTION: Scott will draft a table for review by the board.

8. Discussion of reviewing, updating and making public the spreadsheet of history of LAUC service. Put on Google docs? Since this history is a good tool for use by the chair of the nominating committee who encourages people to run for office it was agreed to continue to maintain the spreadsheet.  It was agreed that the purpose of making the history public to the LAUC-SC membership was not as a public shaming exercise but rather in order to allow the accuracy of the history to be verified and to eliminate the existence of "secret reports" on the membership.  Kane had already placed a version of the spreadsheet that contained a lot of internal notes in Google Docs, which for this application is seen as the appropriate location. The spreadsheet will continue to be managed by the General Committee Chair (who is also the Chair of the Nominating Committee).  ACTIONS: Kane will share the current spreadsheet with the current board. A column should be added to record when people ran but were not elected. A version of the spreadsheet without the notes will be sent to the membership once a year for them to check its accuracy. At the start of the new term of office permissions for the new board to view the spreadsheet in Google Docs will be made, and permissions for people leaving the board will be revoked.

9. Discussion of process and timetable for nominating a LAUC representative to strategic planning, and discussion of job expectations for this position. Since the last time the board met UL Steel issued an invitation for several additional non-LMG members to join in the strategic planning process. Some of the people invited had been considered for possible nomination as LAUC representatives to the process.  After some discussion the board was still favoring the election of a LAUC representative, even if it was someone now already invited to attend, because of the advantages to having someone hold the official position as representing the membership.  Responsibilities for the LAUC rep would include attending LAUC meetings to both inform the membership of progress but also to solicit input from the membership on issues relevant to the process of interest/concern to them. ACTION:  Scott will talk with Steel to gather more information about the participant roles in the process, and about making the list of additional people invited to participate public.

10. Plan for local LAUC executive board transition meeting.  September 1 is the start of the new board's term. ACTIONS: Current board members are to review and update their own informal job descriptions for their positions on the website by Aug 7th (the date of the next board meeting).  If anyone doesn't have permissions to change those pages, send a ticket to IT with a copy to Perry to request access.  Scott will look for time for a transition meeting of the old board and the new one at the end of August. 

11. Discussion of spending this year's LAUC budget on items of interest/support to the membership.  It was proposed that board members poll the membership to see if there were items that would be of strong interest from the membership to purchase.  It was counter proposed that the budget this year be saved for next year's activities and not be spent on anything now. The later proposal won out. ACTION: Scott will inquire if there will be new monies added to the budget for next year.

12. Chair's Report: the last Committee on the Library meeting spent some time discussing their role, if any, in scholarly communication on campus.  It was decided that it was not really in the Committee on the Library's purview. 

13. Vice Chair's Report: nothing to report at this time.

14. CAPA Chair's Report: At this late date CAPA is still in the middle of reviewing several files, and one has still not arrived for CAPA review.  There are a lot of accelerations this year because people are being asked to do more and are expecting to be compensated for that. CAPA has been timely in its work.

15. General Committee Chair's Report: Kane had identified a local person to speak to the membership on time management techniques, but ironically this person's time was cut by her department so she is no longer available.  This person did provide Kane with other suggested speakers, although they are not local and so would require travel money to bring in.  Kane has a list of programs LAUC has done in the past. ACTION: Kane will make that list available to the board.

16. Secretary's Report: nothing to report at this time.

Minutes by Hightower.