LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 6-7-07

LAUC-SC Executive Council Minutes 06/07/07

9:00-10:00 a.m. S&E Room 332

Present: Caldwell (Chair), Graiver (CAPA chair), Hsiung (Secretary), Murphy (General Committee Chair), Scott (Vice-Chair), Steel (University Librarian)
Guest: Jahns

Chair's Report:

A. Report from LAUC Statewide Spring Assembly at UCSD on May 30:

Brian Schottlaender, UL, UCSD, delivered the welcome. He explained that UC librarian Salaries have been of great concern for the UL's, both for recruitment and retention. He mentioned one possible option is to decouple salary from classification scales. (LAUC will be articulating a response to this issue.)

There were no substantial changes to the proposed By-Laws, other than a vote that the Diversity Committee's name remains "Committee on Diversity" despite changes to the committee's charge. Ballot on the proposed By-Laws changes will be distributed to the divisions in July.

Gary Lawrence gave the report from UCOP (Director of Academic Personnel - Myron Okata's old position - remains unfilled). Implementation date for restarting employee contributions to the UC retirement funds is still unknown, but expected to be 5% contribution by employee and 11% by UC.

Scholarly Communication: presentations were made by Ben Crow, Susan Starr and Christy Caldwell on librarian outreach to faculty.

Future Meetings: Transition meeting will be held in Oakland this August. Fall Assembly will be at Merced and the next Spring Assembly will be at UCI.

B. Work on customizing library sessions for Work Life Balance Classes offered by campus training is in progress. There will be further investigation into Wellness classes offered by the Health Center.

C. LAUC Buddy program could benefit from a document outlining expectations and goals of the local UCSC program. Caldwell will work on a draft for the next meeting.

Vice Chair's Report

Requests for approval of funding for conferences have been reviewed and approved as appropriate.

CAPA Chair's Report

Librarian performance evaluation packets are being reviewed.

General Committee Chair's Report

Further contact with Michael Mateas regarding his talk at the library will be made.

LAUC-SC election results will be forthcoming. LAUC-SC Chair Caldwell thanked Murphy, Jahns and Careaga for their hard work in conducting the election, and they will continue their work in July with the By-laws ballot.

University Librarian's Report

Approval has been given to include professional dues in R&PD fund requests as a trial for one year, effective July 1, 2007. Guidelines will be forthcoming soon.

- Minutes by Hsiung