LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 6-5-03

LAUC SC Meeting Minutes June 5, 2003

Present: Deb Turner (Chair), Ken Lyons (General Committee Chair), Lucia Orlando (Secretary), and member Debbie Murphy

1. Announcements
The showing of the May 9th Forum video has been postponed. The video is cataloged and in the FMC collection, call number VT9065, for anyone wishing to view it.

2. Chair's report (Turner)
a) 5/29 LAUC Executive Board meeting:
Turner discussed the Executive Board meeting which had a similar agenda as the Spring Assembly, but was mainly focused on preparing Assembly discussion.

b) Spring Assembly 2003 highlights:

  • CDL Users Council: It was determined that a LAUC Representative to this committee was not needed. The Executive Board will continue to review where LAUC representation is needed.
  • SLASIAC and shared collections: The UL's have developed a working definition of shared collections and SLASIAC has endorsed this definition, which can be found at Click on SLASIAC, then Report for Spring Assembly 2003.
  • SOPAG: The committee has been working on several issues, namely: Access Integration Model (AIM); Shared Print Collection pilot; Government Information Task Force; and Visual Resources Task Force. The reports generated through this committee must be reviewed by the membership, and comments returned to SOPAG by July 31st.
  • Committee on Professional Governance: The committee will not be pursuing the question of faculty status for librarians. The committee is awaiting more direction from LAUC before pursuing their remaining two charges. These charges pertain to incorporating management skills in reviews and creating a web site to link divisional documents and peer review procedures.
  • The Patriot Act resolution was approved by the Assembly.
  • Plans and Policies committee issued a progress report which said in effect all librarians across the entire UC system are overworked. Furthermore, the possibility of extending services year-round is having a negative effect on morale.

c) Anticipated SOPAG reports: develop a plan for LAUC-SC feedback.
Five reports are coming out of SOPAG (see item b. above) that require comment and input from members with a very short turnaround time. The reports will be made available to members and a meeting will be scheduled to solicit feedback.

d) Continued discussion about LAUC-SC bylaws
Turner reported on her discussion with the LAUC parliamentarian regarding changes to the LAUC SC bylaws. We do not need to change our bylaws at this time. It was suggested, and the group concurred, that in the future the responsibility for revising bylaws will fall to the Chair-elect.

e) Upcoming committee opportunities

  • There are vacancies on two statewide committees, effective 10/01/03. Library Technology Advisory Group (LTAG) and the Committee on Professional Governance (CPG). Turner will follow up on filling these positions.

f) Other items:

3. Secretary's report (Orlando)

4. General Committee Report (Lyons)
The research into the remaining outstanding issues has been completed. The option that secures enduring access to database content is a print subscription. Since the library already has a print subscription to Library Literature, the Executive council agreed it made sense to subscribe to LISA. This will be put before the membership at the SOPAG report. The final database report will be available at this time.
The LAUC election ballot is complete and will be distributed to members by June 17th.

5. Vice Chair and R&PD Committee Report (Careaga)

Note: LAUC SCX will not meet in July. The next regularly scheduled LAUC meeting is Thursday August 7th.

Minutes by Lucia Orlando (Secretary)

Minutes approved by Executive Board 6/19/03