LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 6-2-11

LAUC Executive Meeting

2 June 2011


Present: Nicole Lawson (Chair), Annette Marines (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect),  Nicholas Meriwether (Secretary), Greg Careaga (CAPA Chair), Kerry Scott (General Committee Chair), Sarah Troy (Immediate Past Chair).

1. Announcements (all): No announcements.

2. Approval of Minutes, 4/12 (All): Approved.

3. CWC Update (AM): Meeting was cancelled.

4. Intellectual Property Discussion Follow-Up (All): Consensus was that the webinar was a success, and a particularly good use of LAUC funds—only cost $99.00. The best way to handle payment for that is for the GMC to pay and get reimbursed, which led into a discussion of a LAUC university credit card, which might be complicated. Remaining LAUC funds (approx. $620)  must be spent by end of fiscal year; can be spent on programs or technology. Exec Board to advise on possible expenditures, including supplementary funds for LAUC membership travel to ALA, for example; Connie Croker will advise on what and how can be spent. If the timeline makes that unfeasible, will get an iPad to replace the aging LAUC Dell.

5. LAUC Elections Update (KPS/NL/ST/NM): Local election will close after meeting today; Nicholas will send results of both local and statewide to Cynthia, the statewide secretary, who is back on the 13th. Discussion ensued over how long the election needed to remain open, and Nicole noted that no email feedback indicated dissatisfaction with the process. Nicole noted that with next year’s statewide LAUC Assembly at UCSC, the GC Chair, along with the whole LAUC Board, will have more work than usual; this led to a general discussion of LAUC Assembly logistics. Statewide ballots for Vice Chair/Chair-elect and Secretary were counted. They will be reported to current Statewide secretary no later than June 10th.

6. Chair’s Report (NL): PAPA vote results sent to Kate McGirr; Greg will meet with Kate after the move to discuss the terminology. Statewide activity: Irvine’s resolution has gone out to delegate list who attended Assembly for a vote by all attendees on whether to send; Nicole will forward to all interested parties. Michael has drafted a charge for a LAUC Outstanding Awards committee; the idea is that the award would help winners to attend LAUC statewide meetings, but funding is a critical component, along with the application process. The deadline for the committee’s work is Nov. 30. Discussion of candidates for SLASIAC, HOPS, and LTAG is planned; there are two candidates from UCSC. Three people will be selected for each post, which is sent to the ULs, who pick one each. In a meeting with Ginny, Nicole asked how the SLASIAC report and Next Gen Tech Services report will eventually connect. The ULs will look for synergies and priorities and look for tracking mechanisms to document progress. Another committee, the Position Paper Working Group, is being charged; it will look at whether position papers need to be updated, picking up where the 2004 position paper working group left off.

7. Vice Chair’s Report (AM): Annette sat in on the call for Nicole during the last statewide Exec Board meeting. The CWC meeting was cancelled. The local R&PD committee is still reviewing applications: nothing new; Annette will check with Ken to see what progress has been made.

8. CAPA Chair’s Report (GC): CAPA continues to work diligently; hoping to complete work ASAP, but not all packets have been turned in: one has not been submitted, and one needs more information.

9. General Committee Chair’s Report (KPS): The LAUC social was a success. The webinar was also a success. There are no plans for a social in summer. Discussion followed about putting a call out for input on webinar options. Annette suggested that outgoing officers should compile a brief report of their activities for incoming officers; action item for next meeting. Goal should be to have the reports completed by the final meeting in August.

10. Secretary’s Report (NM): No report.