LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 6-15-12


LAUC Executive Council Meeting
Fri., Jun. 17, 11-12:30 p.m.
4221 McHenry
Present: Annette Marines, Lucia Orlando, Sarah Troy, Ken Lyons. Guest: Frank Gravier.
1. Call to order
2. Minutes Approval:
April 17: Approved.
May 25 General membership: - Approved, with stipulation that link to Google Doc is added.
3. Reports:
a. COLASC meeting highlights
May 1, 15, 29. Committee had guest speakers from UCSC Foundation, and discussed ideas for funding. They are very big-picture focused.
COLASC has also discussed the Systemwide Open Access Policy.
LMG is analyzing survey data from COLASC’s survey.
b. Meeting with UL
June 6. AM and UL Steel exchanged updates, like Statewide meeting and program AM attended in Berkeley about professional development and new librarians. AM will send link when content is posted online.
c. LMG highlights
May 3, May 18, 31, June 14. Mostly updates and things that happen in core. See your department LMG updates for more information. ST: LMG will have a retreat in July to discuss next strategic directions.
d. Statewide LAUC Exec highlights
May 3, May 10 (Assembly), May 11. LAUC statewide is putting together a letter to Dan Greenstein. They want to populate an awards committee for awards for service to LAUC. They discussed “position paper review work group” that would revise previous LAUC papers. They discussed taking advantage of the UC Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP).
4. Updates:
a. LAUC Budget - Is now $299 less, for the webinar.
b. LAUC R&PD (LO). Requests have been rolling in. LO will be out, and will send an e-mail about her absence and when to comment AM instead.
c. CAPA (KL). No changes since CAPA forum on June 4th.
d. Recruitments: Tech Services; CP. Tech Services hiring committee has made their recommendation. CP hiring committee has made their recommendation.
5. New Business
a. Assembly
Impressions regarding hosting off site: Parking was free. Site was convenient for visiting LAUC members. Less work for local LAUC because of the logistics of getting people to Santa Cruz from the airport. It was affordable, and the hotel was affordable. Maindownside was that it was harder to show people our new building. AM will write up for Annual Report.
b. AUL
LAUC agreed to write a welcome letter to incoming AUL Chandler. AM will post to Google Docs for others to view and edit.
c. Debrief on spring general membership meeting
Scheduling was not ideal. Exercises had participation from those present. For Next Gen Librarian follow up at UCSC, see Google Doc discussion.
AM mentioned tie in with Brian Mathews' white paper, and another paper she’s found. Continue discussion as an executive meeting about those two documents in July, with the goal of organizing a larger discussion.
d. CAPA report debrief
We need to clarify/establish procedures for document maintenance and updates to local procedures. Ask other campuses how they handle this issue to in order to establish best practices as well as talking to previous LAUCSC executive board and CAPA members. Is the process initiated by administration or other parties, who does actual updates, and what is the procedure. Also consider and solicit additional areas needing revision.
KL will send CAPA Report minutes to membership for review.
Currently, ad hoc committee is set to look at content potentially needing revision, including:
  • PAPA  proposed change regarding step 6-7;
  • Format/structure of the document to make it easier to use; see Jaffe email to LAUC SC list,  June 5;
  • Updating the recruitment timeline and activities.
6. Announcements
7. Adjournment
LAUC Buddy Program review - move up for review next meeting. Look at UCSB’s program for ideas to potentially incorporate.
Bylaws discussion
Old business:
a. Status: investigate changes to librarian hiring procedures
(process/timeline/impact of technology), picked up in 5.d.
b. Status: LAUC Programs (speakers, happy hour, etc.), Sue schedule
LAMA webinar, June 6th. Still worthwhile to consider future of
programs and GCC.
c. Status: Bylaws discussion, moved to Tabled
d. Status: iPad - update documentation for LAUC equipment. See recent