LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 5-6-10

LAUC-SC Executive Board Meeting
May 6, 2010  9-10:00 a.m.
Location: McHenry 0345

Present: Lee Jaffe, Sarah Troy, Frank Gravier, Beth Remak-Honnef, Annette Marines, Debbie Murphy
Minutes: Debbie Murphy

1. Announcements
LAUC Southern Regional Meeting happening today at UCI.
The LAUC-SC Spring General Membership Meeting is scheduled for 6/2/10

Committee on Professional Governance blog on UC Libraries of the Future has a summarized document regarding libraries.  Please send comments by mid-May to Sarah or directly to Lucia Diamond.

2. New look for LAUC web pages (DM)
Will go public with new site on 6/2/10

3. CWC update (AM)

AM has received feedback regarding the housing policy.  Issues raised include – housing prices are going up but MOP loans are still only available to faculty.  The housing policies are still primarily focused on faculty and not other campus groups.

Librarians representation on campus groups is being pursued by AM, who will continue to follow up on this.  There was a suggestion that LAUC play a more active role in representing librarians here at UCSC with a focus on how to be included and better participate in campus activities.  CWC representation helps us see more opportunities to become involved on campus.

4. CoL update (ST)
The chair of the Research Standards working group put our additional materials on libraries for comment.

5. Chair's Report (ST)
ST is pursuing getting a DOT presentation for the library.
Drafting a Committee on the Future of Libraries letter to UCSC Chancellor.

Met with UL Steel to go over issues raised in the LAUC statewide phone call. Statewide call minutes to go out via email.

There will some additional monies for librarians attending 3 ALA’s this year.

6. Vice Chair's Report (NL)
7/2/10 is the deadline for R&PD reports for this fiscal year.

7. CAPA Chair's Report (LJ)
Finished 3 files, 2 are in process, 3 have been received and 3 are still outstanding.

8. General Committee Chair's Report (BRH)
Librarians series meeting went well and the location was good.  Will be another in May before ALA.  

Still pursuing LAUC candidates.

Our local elections will be done separately from statewide ballot.  Will present UCSC slate and the General Membership meeting 6/2/10.

9. Secretary's Report (DM)
Statewide ballots will be mailed locally by May 20 for the June 3 statewide elections.