LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 5-4-06

LAUC-SCX Meeting Minutes 5/4/06

Present: Orlando (Chair), Caldwell (Vice Chair), Marines (General Committee Chair), Kane (Secretary)

1.  Announcements

  • Status of LAUC laptop purchase S&E has a new Mac laptop, still waiting on memory upgrade and software.

2.  Chair's Report

  • CoL discussion on scholarly communication and Steel gave a briefing on joining the Association of Research Libraries.
  • June 1 st & 2 nd Assembly/General Membership Meeting
  • Read Steels e-mail message on 5/30/2006 about R&PD funding
  • Statewide LAUC election
    • Election calendar available at:
    • June 7, 2006 Election Day
    • June 14, 2006 Results of election sent from divisional secretaries to LAUC secretary.
    • June 21, 2006 Results sent out by LAUC secretary
    • Action Item: Marines will convene the election committee and send out an e-mail asking for nominations a general meeting will then be called to announce the candidates

3.  Vice Chair's Report

  • R&PD's are coming in.

4.  CAPA Chair's Report

  • None

5.  General Committee Report

  • Preparing for LAUC election

6.  Secretary's Report