LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 5-3-01

LAUC/SC Executive Council Meeting

May 3, 2001

Present: C. Hightower, A. Hubble (Chair), L. Millsap, C. Soehner Absent: C. Jahns

1. Announcements

The seminar marking the 10th anniversary of the Science Library will be May 16, from 4-6 PM.

2. Report from the Chair

Hubble reported highlights from the University-wide Executive Council meeting. Gary Peete, the LAUC representative to SLASIAC reported the concerns of that group about the impact of expanding summer school. SLASIAC will be collecting data on such things as the ability to prepare for fall, to do professional development work, and to take vacation. In discussion of the University Librarians advisory structure, there was strong support for the LAUC President to be a part of the UL group and to attend their meetings. There was also discussion of LAUC supporting more mentoring and internships.

In the Assembly, Myron Okata gave an update on the budget. There is concern that energy costs are going to affect the University budget. The budget currently has a 2% range adjustment for all staff. A report on faculty hiring is due soon. There is concern about low numbers of women being hired in some fields.

In the LAUC elections, a sample ballot will be sent to the divisions on May 9, the final ballot will be sent to all voters on May 25, and the last day to vote will be June 8.

3. Secretary's report

No report.

4. CAPA report

CAPA has received all but 3 review packets and is working hard to complete its review of those packets received.

5. General Committee report

No report.

6. R&PD Committee report

The Council reviewed and approved the guidelines for use of R&PD funds. The guidelines are intended to codify current practice, not change it. The will be distributed to the membership and added to the LAUC/SC web page.

7. Bylaws revisions

Several changes in the Santa Cruz division bylaws were approved by Council and will be submitted to the membership in the June election.

Minutes by Millsap