LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 5-28-09

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Council Meeting Minutes

May 28 , 2009

Present: Frank Gravier (Chair), Sarah Troy (Vice Chair), Ken Lyons (General Committee Chair), Deborah Murphy (CAPA Chair), Nicole Lawson (Secretary).

1. Announcements: None

2. Report from the Campus Welfare Committee : Member Remak was unable to attend the May Executive Council meeting, but she summarized the CWC report via e-mail:

CWC has had two meetings in the last couple of weeks: the first one to discuss a TAPS proposal to raise some of the heavily subsidized parking fees (carpool, bus passes) and a second regular monthly meeting for updates on an upcoming TAPS survey on commuting habits and a survey on flextime that will be sent out to unrepresented staff in the fall. Represented staff will not be surveyed at this time about flextime because of union issues. It looks like no parking fees are going to be increased in the very near future since the chancellor is still thinking this over. Another serious issue that was addressed was childcare: Campus childcare --including the granary and the family student housing childcare run at an annual deficit of 800k. This is a serious problem. There were unannounced visits by state inspectors at the childcare centers recently, and there were no problems. That was the good news.

3. Update on the Library Literature Subscription: Gravier spoke with member Scott and CAPA Chair Murphy and found that this subscription has not paid for out of LAUC funds in the past. Instead it is Tier 1 subscription paid for by statewide LAUC and CDL. Statewide Chair Dunlap forwarded a list of subscribing libraries for 09/10 fiscal year. With the exception of UC Davis, all other UCs will be maintaining their subscription. Gravier will compose a note to AUL Dale about continuing our subscription at a Tier 1 level, particularly because we have canceled print version of many of the journals due to their availability in Library Literature.

4. Update on MOP Loans: Gravier and Troy have asked UL Steel for advice on how to proceed on this issue. Steel suggested bringing this to the Statewide LAUC assembly. Gravier researched the history of the MOP loan issue further and found that they are available on an 'exception' basis. The process by which an 'exception' is granted is unclear. Statewide LAUC has been gathering this sort of information for the purposes of recruitment and retention. Gravier suggested to the Statewide council that this information is added to webpage for each campus. This request was accepted at the Statewide board meeting. CAPA Chair Murphy will add documentation of how many LAUC-SC members have achieved this 'exception' status within in a fixed period of time.

5. LAUC Elections: Lyons and the nomination committee are working on soliciting enough candidates for a competitive slate. They have 8 confirmed candidates thus far. Lawson will e-mail the bio-bibs of statewide candidates to Lyons to be included in the local ballots. Murphy reminded the Council that a call for nominations vacant statewide committee spots should be sent out to the membership. Gravier and Lyons will confirm the timeline for nominations and elections after the meeting.

6. General Membership Meeting: A General Membership Meeting will be scheduled in June. Gravier will look at the cruztime calendars for the executive council select a time during the week of 6/15. Agenda items will include:

  • Elections/Nominations Report
  • Update on the Ongoing Tasks List
  • Counter-offer Task Force
  • CAPA Update

7. Report on the Spring Assembly: Gravier and Troy traveled to UCR - Palm Desert on 5/13 & 5/14. The program on Next Generation Technical Services included presentations by: Karen Calhoun of OCLC, Patti Martin, Director of Bibliographic Services at CDL, and Martha Hruska, Chair of the UC Next Generation Technical Services Steering Team and member of the NGTS Executive Team. All presentations are available on the LAUC website. The following day at the Executive Board meeting there was a discussion of the definition of UC affiliate organizations, prompted by a document received from UCOP which referred to LAUC as an affiliate. LAUC is not an affiliate organization, but rather academic advisory body. LAUC President Sam Dunlap sent a letter to Yudof reminding him of LAUC's advisory role with regard to the recent request for emergency powers. LAUC is investigating the Career Compass initiative developed at UCB, as this program has the potential to shift some professional librarian duties to library assistants.

8. LAUC Budget: There is currently $4,000 available. The two time management programs will cost $800 each, leaving $2,400 to be spent before the end of the fiscal year. The executive board agreed that funds should be used to purchase a laptop. Gravier will send an e-mail to the membership asking for feedback on this purchase by 6/2. Troy and Murphy will compile pricing and specifications based on LAUC needs. Murphy will investigate spending the remaining funds on a mini-recorder.

9. Chair's Report: None

10. Vice Chair's Report: None

11. CAPA Chair's Report: Murphy reported that all 9 files have been received and are under review. She also brought to LAUC"s attention a question brought to her by a LAUC member " What is the role of AULs in the search process if they are not the hiring supervisor or a member of the Ad hoc hiring committee?" Murphy then reviewed the CAPA workshop minutes and noted that AUL McGirr is investigating the process for reexamining the results of negative reviews.

12. General Committee Chair's Report: Lyons is waiting for AUL McGirr to return from vacation to report on on campus counter-offer processes.

13. Secretary's Report: None

Minutes by Lawson