LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 4-6-00

LAUC/SC Executive Board Meeting
April 6, 2000
325 McHenry Library

Present:  Susan Chesley, Fred Yuengling, Ann Hubble, Lee  Jaffe, Kathryn Blackmer Reyes

- Spring LAUC-SC membership meeting:  possible discussion topics are the sustainability of LAUC - committee structure or the current status of the librarian series restructure proposal.  LAUC president, Patsy Inouye may also attend.
- Nominations for next year's executive board need to be done.  Last call for nominations will be at the General membership meeting.
- Will organize a brown bag on April 17th for an informal discussion regarding the librarian series.

General Committee:
- Will be forming a nominations committee and setting up the "committee interest form" on the web.
- Fred is working on having the dean of the Social Science division Martin Chemers for an event.

Vice Chair:
- R&PD $6,737 spent.  $25,200 in the budget. Ann is working with Sharon Call to calculate an amount which will be held over for next fiscal year, since ALA annual conference is part of next year's financial year.

- The majority of the reviews have been received.
- CAPA has been discussiing job recruitment and is considering preparing a packet for potential candidates.  They are working with Kate on this.