LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 4-5-07

LAUC-SC Executive Council Minutes 04/05/07

9:00-9:45 a.m. S&E Room 332

Present: Caldwell (Chair), Graiver (CAPA chair), Hsiung (Secretary), Scott (Vice-Chair), Steel (University Librarian)
Absent: Murphy (General Committee Chair)

Chair's Report:

Statewide LAUC has given a new charge to the Committee on Diversity as part of LAUC's efforts towards developing recruitment, orientation and mentoring resources. The 2007 statewide LAUC Spring General Assembly to be held at UCSD on Wednesday, May 30, will cover the campus mentoring programs and scholarly communication.

It is time to begin work on this year's election process. June 6 is the election date and the last recommended date for the ballots to go to the LAUC members is May 16. LAUC-SC members will meet on Thursday, May 3, to discuss the slate at the spring General Membership meeting.

Caldwell began discussion regarding including professional dues in R*PD fund requests. It was noted that at least one UC, San Diego, does officially pay dues through R&PD. A LAUC-SC executive board recommendation will be made to Library Administration to include professional dues in R&PD funds.

Caldwell informed the board of recent activity regarding the possibility of librarians being appointed to Academic Senate Committees. The LAUC-SC executive board recommendation is to draft a charge for a timely response to this opportunity. Caldwell will draft charge.

Caldwell, Scott and Murphy will work on customizing library sessions for work/life balance classes offered by campus training. Steel recommended informing Library Administration of funding needs as soon as possible since the fiscal year is coming to a close.

Vice Chair's Report

In response to an earlier executive board inquiry regarding R&PD fund status reports, Scott requested and received copies of the '05-'06 and '06-'07 R&PD expenditure reports. These reports will be reviewed, and anything of interest reported to membership.


General Committee Chair's Report

No response from our faculty member re: his talking at the library. Will explore other speaker options.