LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 4-5-01

LAUC-SC Meeting
McHenry Library
April 5, 2001

Present: Ann Hubble (Chair), Larry Millsap (Vice-Chair), Cynthia Jahns (Secretary), Catherine Soehner (CAPA Chair), Lan Dy Kate McGirr,Sue Chesley, [complete list coming soon]. Guest: Catherine Palmer, LAUC President.

Ann Hubble began the meeting by welcoming Cathy Palmer to Santa Cruz.
Announcement: Register for the Spring Assembly as soon as possible if you plan to attend. LAUC members will be lunching with the University Librarians and SOPAG members, who will be meeting there at the same time.
Report from the Chair: Ann Hubble announced the slate for the LAUC-SC election this spring. We are delighted to have some of our new librarians running for office.
Secretary's Report: Remember that LAUC and other professional development documents may be found at our LAUC-SC web site.
CAPA Report: Catherine Soehner urged review initiators to work on getting review packets completed and turned in.
General Committee Report The General Committee Chair was not present (attending a meeting in Oakland).
Vice-Chair's Report: Larry Millsap reported that the Executive Council is working on a revision of the LAUC-SC By-laws. He also noted that part of the LAUC-SC Archives will be sent to NRLF.

Discussion with LAUC President Catherine Palmer: Cathy Palmer discussed the University Librarians' response to LAUC's request for more consideration of Criteria I activities during the librarian review process. They generally support the importance of Criteria I, but also feel that there is a professional responsibility to share one's expertise. LAUC also asked the University Librarians to consider ways in which they could encourage librarians to participate more widely in Criteria II-IV.

The LAUC Professional Governance Committee met on March 12, and discussed the wide variety of viewpoints on the Criteria and the review process. The committee has two additional charges this year. The first charge is to review LAUC Position Paper 1, which gives details of the criteria for the distinguished designation. Does it need to be re-written to emphasize Criteria I, or should we create a second Position Paper on this topic? The second charge is to consider de-coupling the distinguished designation from a specific step. The Librarian series has been greatly lengthened under the new agreement. It has been typical to have a "crowning achievement" as a Librarian IV. It is not always possible to postpone such an event until you are a Librarian IV. If the distinguished designation were de-coupled from the top steps, and one received it earlier, what would be the impetus to continue to achieve at an ever-higher level? Sue Chesley, the UCSC representative to the Professional Governance Committee, said the committee plans to develop several scenarios and present them to the LAUC membership.

At the Spring 2000 Assembly, LAUC-SB submitted a resolution in support of building additional library buildings as needed. The resolution was passed and sent to UC Vice-President and Provost Judson King. His letter in response stated that UC recognizes the importance of libraries. UCOP feels they are supporting libraries through the CDL, electronic resources, and the regional storage facilities.

The University Committee on Libraries (UCOL) has discussed the letter. It didn't specifically address the lack of space and the continued need to acquire paper resources. UCOP's previous reluctance to fund new library buildings appears to be changing. UCOL also discussed systemwide information competency requirements for all UC graduates. The California State University system has added this type of requirement.

The search committee for the University Librarian for the California Digital Library is reviewing the first group of applicants. Cathy asked what questions LAUC-SC members might have for the applicants. How do we view that UL position in relationship to our everyday jobs?

LAUC has a task force currently working on evaluating the structure of the UL Advisory Committee structure, which was begun as a 3-year pilot project three years ago. A survey has been sent out, and responses are due by April 17. LAUC will send a report of those responses to the University Librarians.

Today is Cathy's last campus visit as LAUC President. The visits have been very imformative. She has had interesting conversations with the University Librarians about LAUC issues, and their perceptions of LAUC.

Cathy said that consideration of the relationship between LAUC, the AFT, and campus administration continues to be discussed. Rebecca Rhine, Executive Director of the University Council of the California Federation of Teachers, sent a letter to unit members saying that LAUC may discuss steps in the Librarian series, but not salaries.

Pauline Manaka will chair the LAUC Committee on Diversity for the remainder of the year, Cathy announced. Lai-Ying Hsiung is our representative to that committee.

Lan Dyson commented that it has been a pleasure to work with Cathy in his role as chair of the University Librarians group. She has been an activist in a positive way.

In looking for ways to encourage librarians in Criteria II-IV, Lan noted that Distinguished Librarian awards exit at UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC Davis. The Berkeley award is given every other year, and the committee is composed of faculty and librarians. Cathy said that librarians usually mention money and time as being the two things they need to support those activities. Another possible support mechanism would be for the UL's to recognize managers who support librarians in their professional development efforts. The Research and Professional Development Committee is looking for a way to streamline the proposal process for LAUC grants. They also plan to make successful proposals available on the web.

It would be helpful to use local LAUCs to do the initial review of proposals, and to provide additional mentoring. The calendar for the grant process may be changed so that the first call would go out during summer, to allow more time to write them. Proposals would probably still be due in December.

Lan said that he feels that it's important to encourage UC librarians to share their expertise systemwide. Last year's "Best Practices" workshop was a perfect example. SOPAG recently issued guidelines for workshops held within UC. UCOP has funding available to support such workshops.

Deborah Murphy asked how the review process is proceeding this year. The Associate University Librarians for Human Resources have reviewed the new Memorandum of Understanding, and are discussing their questions about it. They have also discussed subsequent questions that have arisen as the process moves along. Generally, the review process seems to be proceeding well this year.

After Ann Hubble thanked Cathy Palmer for visiting and providing us with an interesting and informative update on statewide LAUC issues, the meeting was adjourned.

- Cynthia Jahns, Secretary.