LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes, 4/4/13


LAUC-SC Executive Council minutes, 4/4/13, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
In attendance: Christy Caldwell (Vice-Chair), Frank Gravier (Secretary), Ann Hubble (CAPA Chair), Lee Jaffe (General Committee Chair), Annette Marines (Past Chair), Lucia Orlando (Chair).
- Call to order.
- Additional agenda items: CAPA.
- Announcements: Laine Farley will deliver the CDL Executive Director's report via a webinar on 4/11/13. [Stream available here:]
- General Committee Meeting wrapup: UCSC comments on CoUL Plans and Priorities document have been consolidated and sent on to statewide LAUC.
Congratulations to Ann for her skillful guidance of the PAPA/Rep discussion and vote.  Kate will draft a revision and send to CAPA.  CAPA will schedule a review with the understanding that the committee needs to take care of the personnel review files that are coming in.
- LAUC Statewide call: LAUC statewide is dividing up the work of consolidating campus comments on CoUL Plans and Priorities document. That feedback will be distributed at the LAUC Assembly and likely distributed to the divisions. The objective is to be proactive bearing in mind LAUC's advisory role and options for moving forward. There will be a virtual attendance option for the Assembly. Look for the link on the Assembly page <>. Lucia has sent information regarding the LAUC travel award to the division.
- Proposed Advisory Structure Redesign: Lucia is soliciting feedback from the division and will send out a link to the wiki.  LAUC-SC Exec. provided the following feedback, questions and comments.
- Is there an assessment plan for the new structure.
- Does the structure avoid the creation of silos? 
- Is the structure flexible enough to address cross functional issues?
- Will there be resources for staff development to provide training for new activities?
- LAUC elections: Lee, Christy and Sue Perry are the members of the LAUC-SC nominating committee. They are dealing with the usual challenges  but they have identified potential candidates and are contacting them. There have been two self nominations. There is a question of which statewide LAUC committees UCSC members may be eligible to serve on.  Exec. reviewed the election calendar.
- CAPA: UCSB contacted Ann to ask about UCSC experience regarding PAPA/Rep.