LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 4-3-08

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Council Meeting Minutes
April 3, 2008

Present: Kerry Scott (Chair), Frank Gravier (Vice Chair), Sue Perry (CAPA Chair), Christy Hightower (Secretary), Danielle Kane (General Committee Chair), and member Cynthia Jahns.

Progress of Research & Professional Development Task Force:
Scott and Gravier met with Connie Croker in financial services to gather some facts about the issues. They learned that while the University agrees in the MOU that X amount of money must be allocated for R&PD per librarian, it does not specify which part of the University will pay for that allocation.  The library receives no money from UCOP to dedicate to R&PD for librarians, the money the library gets is from campus. A long time ago, the university (SC) permanently allocated $6,144 dollars to the library for research. This money is used for R&PD and is spent first. The remainder of the money for R&PD comes from the library’s S&E (supplies and expenses) budget.  Unspent money goes back to the S&E budget. Croker can give LAUC monthly or quarterly reports of R&PD spending if we wish.  The executive board thinks this would be a good thing to do quarterly.  Regarding administrative travel paid by administrative funds, the AUL-HR makes all the decisions about what gets administration funding. The budget for administrative travel is currently overspent every year.  The Task Force will meet again and then plan a meeting with the AUL-HR.

Discussion of the final report from the Task Force on Recruitment and Retention:
The Task Force members, Danielle Kane (chair), Cynthia Jahns and Annette Marines were all thanked for doing a very good job with what turned out to be a substantial and detailed assignment.  The Task Force is now formally disbanded, having met their charge, and any future fine tuning of the report will be handled by the LAUC-SC Executive Board. The report was discussed and because it is lengthy it was recommended that an executive summary be created. Scott provided a draft summary, and Kane will use that to create a final summary [done].  Kane will send the final report to the membership and it will be on the agenda for discussion at the next LAUC membership meeting May 15th.

Chair's Report:
There was a short statewide LAUC executive board conference call at which the slate of candidates for the election was announced: candidate for LAUC Vice-President/President/Elect is Lucia Diamond ­ from UCB. The two candidates for LAUC Secretary are Orchid Mazurkiewicz from UCLA  and Michael Sholinbeck from UCB. The statewide R&PD committee met and reviewed six grant proposals.  Of those, two were approved, two recommended for changes and resubmittal, and two were turned down.  The LAUC Spring Assembly is May 7 at UC Irvine, here is the schedule of speakers for the day:

Vice Chair's Report: Nothing to report at this time.

CAPA Chair's report:
The current CAPA chair (Perry) had nothing to report at this time, but last year's CAPA chair (Gravier) reported that the delayed CAPA report from last year will be ready for presentation at the General Membership meeting on May 15th.

General Committee Chair's Report:
The local nomination committee has one member so far, an additional member will be sought [done]. Work on getting a speaker for a presentation to the membership is still in progress. It was confirmed that the location for the membership meeting will be McHenry 345.

Secretary's Report:  Nothing to report at this time.

Minutes by Hightower