LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 4-2-98


LAUC-SC Executive Council Meeting Minutes, 4/2/98


Present: Soehner, Chang, Hubble


1) Chang reported that Jill Wilson has agreed to present 2 new Estate Planning Workshops during Spring quarter. 'Planning for Incapacity' will be offered on April 20th and 'Planning for Single People and Unmarried Couples' is scheduled for May 18th.


2) The LAUC-SC General Membership meeting will be on May 7th from 9-10:00, McHenry Room 325.


Items on the agenda so far:


#LAUC Nominations

#Soehner will report from the statewide LAUC meeting April 30-May 1

#Migration of LAUC-SC documents from libslug (gopher) to web

Who is responsible for upkeep (LAUC Secretary)

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Minutes by Hubble