LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 4-2-09

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Council Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2009

Present: Frank Gravier (Chair), Sarah Troy (Vice Chair), Ken Lyons (General Committee Chair), Nicole Lawson (Secretary), and members Beth Remak
Absent: Deborah Murphy (CAPA Chair)

1. Announcements: Member Remak noted that a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education entitled "Humanists must plan their digital future" has been sent out to several members of the Committee on Libraries. She recommended that the LAUC Rep read the article before the next CoL meeting.

2. Report from the Campus Welfare Committee : Member Remak was unable to attend the March meeting, but she summarized the minutes she received.


  • TAPS: Larry Pagler will soon be presenting the TAPS budget for the next fiscal year to the committee. There will likely be a reduction in the subsidies for the vanpools and the bike shuttle.
  • Childcare Advisory Committee: Early Education Services is reviewing the subsidies for for childcare on campus. The current charge is $1100 per child, while the actual cost for care is $2000.
  • There will be a forum on retirement on April 22nd from 3:30-5pm in the Music Recital Hall.

Member Remak will send a query to the membership requesting issues that LAUC can bring up at the next CWC meeting.

3. Report on Meeting with Library Administration: Gravier and Troy met with Admin on March 12 to discuss outstanding items on the Ongoing Tasks List. Gravier forwarded the topics to Admin in advance of the meeting.


  • MOP Loans: UL Steel recommended taking this issue to statewide LAUC. Gravier will contact statewide chair Dunlap.
  • Recruitment & Retention website: Admin will review the draft presented by Gravier at the meeting.
  • Review the impact of librarian losses: this is an ongoing concern for both Admin and LAUC. LAUC would like to help create best practices for future recruitments, there 3 upcoming.
  • Training and support for added job responsibilities: Admin is working on strategies to train and support staff as they taken on responsibilities left by vacant positions.
  • Gravier and Lawson will meet to update the Ongoing Tasks List to reflect the info gathered during the meeting. There will likely be a section created for the Recruitment & Rentention recommendations so that they can be reviewed at a future date.
  • Remak recommended revising the MOP Loan item to be a more general housing assistance, such as participating in faculty housing and on-campus rentals, as the loans are likely to a much longer term issue.
  • Counter-offer Task Force: AUL McGirr would like to work with the task force to set the charge.

4. Subscription to Library Literature: The cost for the 2009-10 subscription will be $405 (including a 5% annual increase) for UCSC. We should be able to encumber funds from this year's budget to pay for this. There was a consensus among the Executive Council that we should maintain the subscription for at least the next year. Gravier will follow-up with statewide LAUC to find out what other campuses are doing.

5. LAUC Budget: LAUC has $3000 left for the fiscal year. The fee for the time management workshop will be $1600. This will leave ~$1400, less the cost for the Library Literature subscription. Previous recommendations have been made to spend these funds on a new LAUC laptop, web cameras and digital voice recorders. Troy will investigate the actual cost of a new laptop. Gravier will talk Connie Croker about encumbering funds for next year.

6. Nominations for 2009-10 LAUC elections: General Committee Chair Lyons, Member Perry and Member Scott make up the nominating committee. The committee is using the service matrix created by member Kane to determine whom they should encourage to join next year's Executive Council.

7. Chair's Report: Gravier sent out a message to the membership about setting up a brown bag session regarding the goal-setting process. He will work with CAPA Chair Murphy to set a date and place. Senior Admin members of LAUC will be invited to attend.

8. Vice Chair's Report: Troy is working with member Mokrzycki to gather information from UCI and UCB on how they rollover R&PD funds. UCB's response was included in the March LAUC minutes, but they are still waiting for a response from UCI. The next step will be to set up a meeting with AUL McGirr and Croker about implementing these methods at UCSC.

9. General Committee Chair's Report: Joyce Irby will be presenting a workshop entitled "Managing Multiple Responsibilties" on 5/29/09 from 9:30am - 2pm. Lyons left a message with Beth Weisberg about scheduling a program on work/life balance. This has been tentatively scheduled for finals week.

10. Secretary's Report: None

Minutes by Lawson