LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 4-17-12


LAUC Executive Council Meeting
Wed., Apr. 17, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
4221 McHenry
Annette Marines, Lucia Orlando, Katie Fortney, Sue Perry, Ken Lyons, Sarah Troy (second half). Guest: Frank Gravier.
1. Call to order
2. Approval of March minutes
Minutes approved.
3. Reports:
a. COLASC meeting highlights
  • March 30 meeting focused on COLASC's survey, which is underway and continuing until 4/30. University Librarian Steel shared a document about how the collections budget has been cut over the years. 
  • April 3 meeting was cancelled.
  • April 17 meeting later in the day of the LAUC meeting. AM will ask about whether and what data from the survey will be shared with the library. The agenda includes discussion of "Strategic Academic Plan for Silicon Valley," a document provided to the Academic Senate by the Engineering Division.
b. Meeting with UL
Nothing new.
c. LMG highlights
There have been three LMG meetings since the March LAUC Exec meeting: 3/15, 3/29, and 4/12. Discussions included the RIC model and the future of research, instruction, and collections. Admin will brief everyone on this at the All Staff meeting on 4/19. 
For other LMG highlights, see your department update.
d. Statewide LAUC Exec highlights
  • Mitchell Brown, LAUC Statewide president, is working on Assembly agenda. UL Steel will be speaking.
  • BallotBin web service is being investigated for elections. 
  • CDC, HOTS, and RSC need LAUC liaisons. 
  • SOPAG is putting together a task force to look at implications of UC online instruction pilot. 
  • SOPAG is looking at system of committees and representation in UC system and whether there may be options that are more sustainable for the future.
4. Updates:
a. LAUC Budget
No change.
No change.
c. CAPA (KL)
All six reviews are in. CAPA is about halfway through their part of it. This year's CAPA Vice Chair is Ann Hubble.
d. Assembly
-We will need a few more local volunteers for check in, name tags, etc., on day of Assembly. AM is working on catering.
e. Recruitments: Tech Services; CP; AUL (staff position)
All are in process, and the applicant pools are strong. No one has been invited for onsite interviews yet.
5. New Business
a. CAPA report meeting
b. Spring general membership meeting – need to schedule one/plan agenda
  • Next general membership meeting will be held sometime after the statewide assembly, but in time to comply with statewide requirements for elections. AM will send out some potential dates. LAUC Statewide election calendar is available at
c. Gear up for LAUC Elections, candidates/timelines
AM asks whether we need a General Committee Chair, and proposes discussing this at the general membership meeting. We will need to determine whether not having one would be allowed by the bylaws. 
d. Brian Mathews' white paper
  • "Think Like a Startup: a white paper to inspire library entrepreneurialism." This might make a good focus for a brown bag. It might be most effective if we can bring in a good outside facilitator.
  • Action item all: Read the paper and come to next Executive Board meeting with ideas on how to develop ideas based on the paper.
e. Local arrangements team for assembly (prep work/day of) - above
f. LAUC Equipment Policy (no explicit policy about priority for use, etc.) 
  • AM has updated on the library website. Discussion: how to resolve if two people want particular equipment at the same time. Opinion was that as a general rule, priority will be first come, first served, but off site conferences will have priority to on site meetings.
  • Action item all: look at LAUC Equipment use page. 
g. CPG summary of brown bag
AM working on summary to send to statewide 
6. Adjournment
LAUC Buddy Program review
Old business:
a. Status: investigate changes to librarian hiring procedures (process/timeline/impact of technology) 
b. Status: LAUC Programs (speakers, happy hour, etc.)
c. Status: Bylaws discussion
d. Status: iPad - update documentation for LAUC equipment. See recent updates: