LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 4-1-10

Minutes LAUC-SC
Executive Board Meeting

April 1, 2010 9-10:00 a.m.
Location: McHenry 0345

Present: N. Lawson, L. Jaffe, D. Murphy, B. Remak-Honef, S. Troy, A. Marines, L. Orlando, K. Scott Minutes: D. Murphy

1. Announcements
Next LAUC Brown Bag to be held a Chocolat.

2. LAUC Statewide phone call
Will send brief campus update to LAUC Statewide (e.g. building report, Grateful Dead Archivist position, etc.)

3. Campus Welfare Committee (AM)
No update since report presented at recent All Staff meeting. AM stressed the need for better cross campuswide communication. Feedback is needed on librarian participation on campus from LAUC-SC members, particularly examples of areas where librarian participation is most needed.

4. CPG Report (LO)
LAUC CPG is charged this year with generating a discussion on the future of UC libraries and evolving roles of librarians. To do this, each division has been asked to report about conversations, thoughts, ideas from their campus. CPG members will contribute a synopsis of the conversation to the CPG wiki and blog. LO, our CPG representative will be organizing a brown-bag discussion in mid to late April to solicit thoughts. This meeting will be open to both librarians and other library staff.

The wiki is here:

And the LAUC Assembly Blog is here:

5. Migration of LAUC-Sc website onto Drupal
DM reported that this is continuing and is working with ST and NL on ideas for format.

6. Chair's Report (ST)
There was no Committee on Libraries (COL) meeting to report on and no statewide LAUC phone call since our last ExBd meeting.

The Spring General Membership meeintg with be June 2 form 10:00-12:00 The letter L. Diamond wrote to Chancellor Yudoff has gone out. ST will draft a letter based on this that LAUC-SC might use this as a model for a possible letter to UCSC Chancellor Blumethal.

The SOPAG report on Collection Space Planning available online at:

7. Vice Chair's Report (NL) There will be a travel overview scheduled sometime late April, early May for all staff.

8. CAPA Chair's Report (LJ) CAPA is receiving review packets.

9. General Committee Chair's Report (BRH) Planning continues for the Spring Brown Bag event.

10. Secretary's Report (DM) None