LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 3-9-12

LAUC Executive Board Meeting
Friday, March 9, 2012, 11:00 AM
2320 McHenry
Present: Annette Marines, Lucia Orlando, Katie Fortney, Ken Lyons. Guest: Frank Gravier.

1. Call to Order

2. Minutes approval
Minutes approved.

3. Reports:
a. COLASC Meeting Highlights

UCOLASC (statewide) has distributed an Open Access Policy discussion document. COLASC discussed best approach to reach faculty, including the possibility of going to Deans’ meetings with their chairs to speak about the document.
COLASC’s survey, targeted at faculty, graduate students and post docs, will likely begin in early April. The survey will be conducted and publicized through the Academic Senate. The library webpage will have a link to the survey.
b. Meeting with UL
Little news from meetings with UL Steel.
AM raised general concerns from LAUC membership about decision making and communication process.
c. LMG highlights
See your department minutes/meetings.
d. Statewide LAUC Exec highlights
Much of the meetings consisted of updates, e.g. from UCOLASC, online instruction.
Assembly planning continues. AM is working with Mitchell Brown LAUC Statewide president. Website has been made, just needs to be reviewed by statewide. Hotel has not yet been selected. UL Steel will give opening remarks.
AM will find out who is planning on attending from our campus. Volunteers are still needed.

4. Updates
a. LAUC Budget (AM)

No change in the LAUC budget since last meeting.
Nothing to report.
c. CAPA (KL)
CAPA met early week before last, decided who would be lead on which reviews. 3 of 6 review packets are in.
Open recruitments: all are posted. Tech services one isn’t listed on the library webpage. KL will follow up with AUL McGirr and AM.
d. Assembly
See above.

5. New business
AM posed questions about process/timeline for hiring, and our consistency/variation with other campus units. Wants to discuss updating the process for future recruitments.
LO: Should also consider possible impact of advances in technology.
AM will check with GC about process moving forward to discuss this. PAPA/CAPA would have to propose change, LAUC would have to approve. AM and KL will work with GC about proposing potential changes.

6. Old business
a. LAUC Programs
- check in with SP about suggested affordable speakers. Preferred focus: next gen issues, visioning.
b. Bylaws - AM checked in with LJ about CPG and bylaws review process. We have deadline of April 30 if we want to submit to CPG to be reviewed. LJ will check with them about whether that’s only new changes to bylaws, or can also be older changes, or bylaws generally. AM will continue to work with LJ going forward.
c. iPad
Updates on documentation is all that’s left. AM will take care of. Likely on LAUC page, where the laptop use guidelines are currently posted.

7. Announcements
KL asked about UCOP, CDL and/or campus budget. LO and KL summarized from March 8 All Staff meeting.
KF announced forthcoming new eScholarship site for the library. Anyone can add postprints (things that have been published elsewhere) to eScholarship, but unpublished items can only be added via a departmental site. Ours is nearly ready, the paperwork has been submitted. Once the site is live, things can be posted by KF, as site administrator.
KL, AM: UCLA UL retirement; UCR layoffs/furloughs.
8. Adjournment

Tabled: LAUC Buddy Program review