LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes, 3/7/13


LAUC-SC Executive Council minutes, 3/7/13, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
In attendance: Christy Caldwell (Vice-Chair), Frank Gravier (Secretary), Ann Hubble (CAPA Chair), Lee Jaffe (General Committee Chair), Annette Marines (Past Chair), Lucia Orlando (Chair).
Call to order.
- Additional agenda items: none.
- Announcements: none. 
- PAPA/LS update: Following the brown bag on 3/4/13 LAUC recommendations were drafted and sent to Kate. Outstanding issues include items 4 & 5 of the PAPA/Rep draft concerning the recruitment chronology.  Kate will recommend a change after conferring with past search committees. The possibility of moving recruitment document sharing online is under consideration.
The General Membership meeting is tentatively rescheduled for 3/27/13 from 9:00 - 10:30. Ann will notify the membership. The process for approving the PAPA/Rep draft will be to vote on the document as presented thereby adopting the proposed recommendations.  
- LAUC Statewide Call update: Lucia needs feedback from the division on the CoUL Plans and Priorities document.  Lucia will add a link to the document and a survey, for responses, to the LAUC. She will summarize feedback to forward to statewide LAUC. 
- COLASC report: The committee has been discussing Measure 42.  Scott Oliver, chair of the Committee on Research (COR). Possible collaborations between the Library and COR were discussed. Other topics under discussion at COLASC included the campus capital campaign and how the library might benefit, discussions about lobbying for systemwide library support through UCOLASC, and the Library's presentation on budget comparison with other UC's.
- R&PD report: Christy is investigating the possibility of creating an online R&PD submission and approval process.  UCSF has an online form that allows the use of e-signatures.  Implementation locally will require librarians have Acrobat Pro available on their computers.
Minutes by Frank Gravier.