LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 3-4-99

LAUC/SC Executive Board Meeting

March 4, 1999

325 McHenry Library

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.


Present: Chesley, Jahns, Mokrzycki, Mullin, Murphy


Murphy announced the March 12, 1999 systemwide LAUC Executive Board meeting. She has asked membership and will ask again for issues to take to the meeting.

Murphy indicated that Santa Cruz members are eligible for LAUC Vice President/President Elect and Secretary. She believes that the next year will continue to be a time when critical issues are before LAUC and the University and hopes Santa Cruz members stand for office.


Murphy reviewed the meeting with EVC Simpson on February 12, indicating that it was well attended and successful with questions asked by Simpson and attendees.

Murphy Indicated that the February 26 meeting with the Committee on Libraries and Richard Lucier which she and Sue Chesley attended went very well. One of the issues discussed was the proposed restructuring of the Librarian Series.

Murphy announced that the Librarian Series restructuring proposal can be found on the LAUC systemwide web site. A link from the LAUC/SC web site will be made.


Other than an announcement that CAPA will meet on Monday, there was no report.


Mokrzycki said she had reviewed the budget and indicated that additional money might be available if it is needed for programming.

She asked about the LAUC laptop, which has arrived. Murphy and Chesley will develop guidelines for use.

Mokrzycki indicated she and AUL McGirr are beginning work on updating the LAUC Handbook. She also announced that the ad hoc election committee needs to be formed by April 1. The Board agreed that she, Chesley and Murphy would serve on the ad hoc committee.

Mokrzycki said that committee interest forms would be sent to membership soon.


Chesley indicated she is working on guidelines on activities that are appropriate to be funded from R&PD allocations. She will send the proposal to membership in time for discussion at the Spring General Meeting.


Mullin discussed the need for clarity on responsibility for maintenance of the LAUC/SC web site, particularly when it is appropriate to redesign. The Board agreed that an ad hoc committee might be the best way to handle this issue. Mullin asked Chesley to work with him in updating the site in the short term.


April 1 --LAUC/SC Executive Board meeting 9:00 - 10:00, 325 McHenry Library

May 13 (tentative) -- LAUC/SC General Membership meeting

May 26 -- LAUC Spring Assembly at Riverside