LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 3-3-11

LAUC Executive Meeting

3 March 2011

Present: Nicole Lawson, Kerry Scott, Annette Marines, Sarah Troy, Nicholas Meriwether, Greg Careaga.

1. Announcements (Nicole Lawson): No announcements.

2. Minutes from 3 Feb. 2011 meeting approved, with one change by Nicole Lawson: PAPA-Rep has been updated, not PAPA-Non-Rep.

3. CWC Update (Annette Marines):  The CWC meeting heard a report on transportation and on child care advisory; also heard from two guest speakers, the DAG (a group on policy regarding student protest), and a representative from University Relations, who reported significant improvements. Nicole inquired about impending budget cuts to county transport and its impact on staff and student workers; more information will become available in April.

4. LAUC Job Descriptions and Timeline Document (All): Nicole suggested that some changes to job descriptions seemed warranted, but asked whether the descriptions should be changed or whether responsibilities should be specified in a timeline document. Discussion of how job description revisions could be implemented ensued, and Greg noted that the scope of the necessary changes would be best accomplished as a summer project. Annette favored a timeline document over changing job descriptions, and in discussion, the consensus favored that approach, to be explored further in June.

5. LAUC Assembly Update (Nicole Lawson/Annette Marines): Agenda is posted on the Assembly site. The membership did not weigh in on desired topics to be discussed at breakout sessions. Speakers will be Janet Lockwood, Dan Greenstein (via Skype), Brian Schotlander, and Bruce Miller; Gene Lucas will report on SLASIAC. UC Riverside has come up with an assembly resolution on budget cuts, including how CDL is integral component to the UC library system. Attendees from LAUC-SC will be Nicole, Annette, and Sarah.

6. Chair's Report (Nicole Lawson): There have been two COL meetings since last Exec Board meeting. At the Feb. 15 meeting, proposed changes to the bylaws were discussed, including adding scholarly communication to COL’s mission, based on the language in other committee charges, specifically addressing copyright issues and advocacy for the library. The wording is tricky. UL Steel also addressed the budget cuts, which prompted a discussion of whether the Library should be considered an academic division and not an academic support unit (i.e., and get less of a cut), but there were concerns over how to couch this in a letter to the EVC. Proposed changes to bylaws were submitted to the Rules and Jurisdiction Committee, who reviewed them and made suggestions, primarily semantic. COL is looking for support and wants to show support to UL Steel, especially for the Mar. 9 Academic Senate meeting, which is when proposed changes to bylaws should be advanced. At the end, copyright issues were discussed briefly and asked for a Library representative to be present; Katie Fortney will probably speak, along with Jim Phillips from Learning Technologies, particularly addressing eCommons and copyright.

Everyone in LAUC statewide got an email from Nature; consensus was no one would speak and just forward to ULs; Ginny spoke to a reporter about it, and her comments have been published in an article.

Ginny supports the idea of a panel on the history of librarianship in UC; everyone recognizes that it will require some effort to put together. Ginny would like input from LAUC on what LAUC thinks is most important, what rises to top in reduced funding, and how to handle more work with fewer people. This led to a discussion about the possibility of having a change management workshop and what it would cover, including how to supervise and how to accommodate change. Individual staff interpretations of customer service, for example, will need to change in the new budget environment, which is part of a broader need for staff to understand how funding environment has changed job roles and library behavior. LAUC has a role to play in helping to implement change. The question of how LAUC should address this—a meeting, a brown bag, a letter—was discussed, but tabled for more discussion at the next meeting, once more information on the budget cuts and staff changes is available. Consensus emerged that Kerry is to schedule a social event to allow staff to build morale.

8. Vice Chair’s Report (Annette Marines): Met with Ken Lyons and Christie Hightower to discuss a redesign of the website; agreed that impending changes would be posted on the wiki. R&PD information would go on a subpage, but generally, a great deal of work will be required to revise and implement.

9. General Committee Chair’s Report (Kerry Scott): Consensus is that hiring the outside speaker to address LAUC is too expensive, and Kerry will write and politely decline. Asking a campus counselor is an appealing alternate, as is campus police as option; theme will be the environment on campus and how librarians can learn how to defuse tension and identify at-risk behaviors exhibited by students.

10. CAPA Chair’s Report (Greg Careaga): The date for brown bag on secondary supervisor role will be either Mar. 14 or Mar. 18; AUL Kate McGirr will commit to one of the dates shortly. All agreed that a brown bag would be wise in order to ensure buy-in and lack of controversy.

11. Secretary’s Report (Nicholas Meriwether): no report.