LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 3-3-05

LAUC-SC Executive Council Meeting Minutes March 3, 2005, 9:00am McHenry room 325 1. Announcements None 2. Chair's Report - The statewide executive board had a conference call on 2/8/05. President Huwe reminded local chairs that comments on the "Strategic Directions" document are due to SLASIAC on April 15. Lyons will draft a memo with UCSC comments from the fall general membership meeting and get feedback and additions from LAUC-SC before submitting to Huwe. - Note: The LAUC website has an opinion piece from Esther Grassian ( in response to an article on information literacy by Stanley Wilder in the January 7 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education ( - password required, see the ref desk. Wilder article is also available in or search Lexis-Nexis. - A UCLA SLIS PhD student has requested permission to solicit public service librarians and staff for interviews as part of a research project. Lyons will forward any requests through the LAUC-SC email list. - The LAUC-SC/Cultural Diversity Committee event with Judy Kaufman went well. LAUC would like to thank the Cultural Diversity Committee and all staff who participated. 3. Vice Chair's Report - Local R&PD requests are coming in. - Orlando, Hightower, and Machlis are reviewing statewide LAUC R&PD proposals. 4. CAPA Chair's Report 3 Important Dates to Note: - Feb. 25: Draft reviews files were due to the AUL-HR - Mar. 7: Reviews will be distributed to and discussed with the candidates - Mar. 31: Final reviews are due to AUL-HR, who will distribute to CAPA. 5. General Committee Report No report 6. Secretary's Report Nothing to report. 7. Kerry Scott, UCSC Rep to the Committee on Professional Governance brought the committee's charge to "survey the full extent of collaborative interactions between LAUC at each division, and the Academic Senate at each campus division." Following are specific questions asked and the answers Scott will submit to LAUC Statewide: 1. Do LAUC members serve on any Academic Senate committees? Graduate Council - one advisory, non-voting librarian Committee on the Library - University Librarian is ex-officio. LAUC-SC Chair and Vice-Chair also serve on the committee. 2. Are LAUC members called upon to comment as guests at Senate committee meetings? Librarians are often called in as guests to the Committee on the Library. Staff involved with budget planning and Scholarly Communications are two examples. 3. What is the role of the Library Administration in formal relations with the Senate Division? University Librarian is a voting member of the Academic Senate. 4. At some campus divisions within the University, faculty members have expressed an interest in two-way dialogue with LAUC, e.g., LAUC could invite a member of the Committee on Library to be ex officio to the LAUC Executive Committee. Any movement in this area? No - Committee on the Library provides an effective communication pathway for the library and the academic senate. Respectfully submitted by Sue Perry, LAUC-SC Secretary -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: