LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 3-2-06

LAUC-SCX Meeting Minutes 3/2/06

Present: Orlando (Chair), Marines (General Committee Chair), Remak-Honnef (CAPA chair), Kane (Secretary)

Bibliographic Services Task Forces Survey

  • Get comments to Gomez and/or McGirr as soon as possible

Chair's Report

Results from LAUC laptop survey


  • 12 people responded and are in favor of LAUC laptop
  • Action Item :  Orlando will pursue options with Sue Perry

Vice Chair's Report

  • R&PD: A subcommittee was formed for statewide LAUC R&PD: Christy Hightower, Sue Perry and Christy Caldwell, to review the LAUC statewide research grant proposals. Comments were noted by Christy Hightower, our LAUC Statewide R&PD rep, who took them to the LAUC Statewide research grant meeting on Feb. 24.

CAPA Chair's Report

  • After reviewing the many benefits offered by inclusion of a cumulative bio-bib, the UL has determined that the cumulative bio-bib is the most useful tool to ensure activities over the life of the librarian's history are not lost and are available for additional consideration in critical step reviews. Therefore, there will be no change in the practice. However, the UL would encourage CAPA to recommend to the membership a definitive and consistent practice for delineating review activities from one review cycle to the next.
  • AUL McGirr and UL Steel are still considering how best to approach the no advancement issue.
  • File of sample review packets will be updated

General Committee Report

  • Marines is investigating possible speakers for future LAUC programs

Secretary's Report

  • Minutes from the last meeting were accepted and distributed.