LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 3-2-00

LAUC/SC Executive Board Meeting
Science Library
Present: Fred Yuengling, Ann Hubble, Sue Chesley, Lee Jaffe, and Kathryn

Chair: Statewide Ex. Board Meeting tomorrow
-A committeee report has been disributed and will be discussed on the library archiving
electronic materials and access charges to online materials, a
contradiction to the free access in UC.

-Kari Lucus has sent an email detailing LAUC's sustantability - The number of people
needed to participate in all the LAUC committees is about 80% of the UC

-Cultural Diversity Committee wants to change its name to "Diversity
Committee" and revise language of charge. This will be placed on the
spring ballot as a bylaws change.

-Ad hoc selection Committees for the Science and Social Science librarians are:
Science - Sue Chesley (chair), Karen Mokrycki, and Bob White
Soc. Sci. - Cynthia Jahns (chair), Wei Wei, and Larry Millsap

-Serials and MDL update - first reading are beginning.

General Chair:
A program with Social Sciences Dean Martin Chemers will be organized for spring quarter or summer.

Sharon Call has prepared a printout of funds available. With ALA in July, Ann and
Sue are surveying librarians regarding their travel to see how much could
be rolled over for the next financial year.  There was also a discussion
of our local R&PD person is not the same representative for the statewide
R&PD. Question was raised if it could be changed.