LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 3-11-10

Minutes - LAUC-SC Executive Board Meeting
March 11, 2010
9-10:00 a.m.
Location: McHenry 0345

Present: N. Lawson, L. Jaffe, D. Murphy, B. Remak-Honef, S. Troy, A. Marines Minutes: D. Murphy

1. Announcements

2. Spring LAUC-SC Meeting
Will be held sometime at the end of May. Possible topics include presentation on the Professional Governance Committee by LO. Also and overview of the changes and revisions to PAPA/LS by LJ.

3. PAPA/LS revisions update (LJ)
CAPA is still working on creating a structure or outline to place content within. Will focus on chronology within each area with step- by-step procedures. Finding it harder to fit definitions of roles and responsibilities, still determining where to place these in the new outline. May look into separating definitions under roles and responsibilities. As a result, most appendices will be gone.
o CAPA will continue to review and send outlines to LAUC-SC Chair.
o K. McGirr will update the website with provisional changes.
o DM will oversee migration of the revised materials onto the library’s Drupal website.

4. CWC Update (AM)
Next meeting topic will be "Campus Climate and Communication Planning"

Will send out nitce to membership and solicit comments and will bring pertinent questions from recent Brown Bag session

5. LAUC hosted Presentation Idea
Invite presenters from the CWC meeting regarding student demonstrations. Suggested presenters included members of the campus Operations Team along with UCSC campus counselor/psychologist
o AM will followup on this.

6. Migration of LAUC-Sc website onto Drupal (DM)
DM has begun this process and drafted a sample page.
o ST and NL will meet with DM to determine organization and structure.

7. Chair's Report (ST)

  • L. Diamond sent LAUC position letter to M. Yudoff (see email forwarded to LAUC-SC on 2/26/10). Use this as possible outline for a letter from LAUC-SC to Blumenthal?
  • Nominating Committee has candidates for LAUC Statewide positions. There are 2 candidates for Vice-president/president-elect from UCLA & UCI. There are 2 candidates for Secretary from UCB & UCSC.
  • Southern Regional meeting will be at UCI to discuss topics related to CPG's charge (The Future of UC Librarians). This meeting is open to all LAUC membership.
  • CPG is drafting a letter to the ULs to get feedback on the major topics from the Fall Assembly (please see the LAUC blog for discussion on the major topics:
  • Mary Croughan (Past President of the Academic Senate) is currently on a working group for the UC Commission on the Future. She attended the UCOLASC/UL’s annual meeting to get feedback from the UL's.

8. Vice Chair's Report (NL)

9. CAPA Chair's Report (LJ)

10. General Committee Chair's Report (BRH)
Next get together is scheduled for April 1 at 4:40 at “Chocolat” next to Bookshop Santa Cruz. Will feature Christine Bunting, Annette Marines, Kerry Scott.

11. Secretary's Report (DM)