LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 3-1-01


Science Library
March 1, 2001

Present: Ann Hubble (Chair), Larry Millsap (Vice-chair), Cynthia Jahns (Secretary), Catherine Soehner (CAPA Chair), Christy Hightower (General Committee Chair).

* Rolf Augustine's retirement party will be on Thursday, March 1, at noon in the McHenry Staff Room.

* EVC Simpson will speak to the library staff at a LAUC-SC-sponsored event, on March 9th in the McHenry Library staff room.

* Lai-Ying Hsiung will replace Kathy Blackmer-Reyes on the statewide Cultural Diversity Committee.

Chair's Report: The Chair had no report.

Secretary's Report:
The Secretary reported that the LAUC web pages are up-to-date.

CAPA Chair's Report: CAPA Chair Soehner reported that CAPA hopes to begin receiving review packets shortly after April 1. She noted that there has been email discussion statewide about how different CAPAs are dealing with the new librarian contract's provisions. Article 12, Section A, of the M.O.U. describes procedures for review outcomes effective July 1, 2001, including procedures for dealing with promotion to Librarian, and advancement for those currently at Librarian Step IV and Step V. See details at:

General Committee Chair's Report: The Executive Council congratulated Christy Hightower on the excellent report produced by the Ad Hoc Committee on the LAUC-SC Handbook. Other committee members were Paul Machlis and Margaret Gordon. The committee's report supported maintaining the LAUC-SC Handbook in electronic format only. The committee's report will be available at the LAUC-SC web site at:

Hightower showed the Executive Council the web page revisions that were suggested by her committee. Hightower and Jahns will make these changes on Friday.

Partly in response to the report, the Executive Council is developing revisions to the LAUC-SC Bylaws. The group discussed clarifying and expanding the job duties for some positions. The Executive Council discussed who should be the Webmaster for the LAUC-SC web site. The Secretary is currently the webmaster, a tradition which probably began because the secretary posts the minutes to the web site. The Executive Council believes the General Committee chair should be the webmaster.

As a result of the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the LAUC-SC Handbook, the Executive Council discussed putting a checklist on the LAUC-SC web site that lists things that should take place during the orientation for new librarians. The list should also go out on the LAUC-SC reflector. Some orientation events include meeting with the LAUC-SC chair, getting an introduction to the LAUC-SC and LAUC web sites, and being assigned a "LAUC Buddy".

Research & Professional Development Report: Larry Millsap reported that it would be helpful to develop guidelines (based on the state guidelines) that explain how one may spend one's R&PD funds. We also need to specify who the members of the local research committee are. Millsap verified that there are no longer separate research funds provided at the campus level here at UCSC. At the May meeting, Millsap and Hightower will bring a proposal regarding research funds, which they will discuss with Kate McGirr. The proposal should include professional development parameters, and the formula that was agreed on a few years ago for dividing up leftover funds at the end of the fiscal year. It would also be helpful if the website provided information about how much money was available to librarians that year for professional development.

Hightower noted that EVC Simpson's visit to speak to the library staff is on track for March 9th. Deborah Murphy will introduce him, and Hightower will moderate the discussion.

LAUC-SC Election: Last year there was a survey of interest on the web, which LAUC-SC members were to use to indicate offices or committee assignments in which they were interested. This year we will do the survey via email, which Hightower will send out soon. She will add a list of which positions on committees are open, as well as the name of the person currently filling the position. We shall add URLs to the by-laws description and to the big list.

Submitted by Cynthia Jahns, Secretary.