LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes, 2/7/13


LAUC-SC Executive Council minutes, 2/7/13, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
In attendance: Christy Caldwell (Vice-Chair), Frank Gravier (Secretary), Ann Hubble (CAPA Chair), Lee Jaffe (General Committee Chair), Lucia Orlando (Chair).
- Call to order
- Additional agenda items: COLASC update.
- Announcements: The LAUC Mac has been upgraded with additional memory and a new OS. Ann will see if a note can be added to the Cruzcat about the password. Membership will be notified about the enhancement along with reminder to remove personal files from the computer before returning.
Library Administration is moving the travel request process online. E-signatures are available for any librarian who wants one.
- PAPA/LS project next steps: Lucia and Ann met with Kate to review the brownbag discussion. Another will be scheduled to address the outstanding issues.  Kate will meet with members of past recruitment committees to solicit recommendations for revisions to the recruitment chronology.
At the General Membership meeting LAUC-SC members will vote to take one of the following actions regarding the PAPA/Rep draft:
 Accept changes as they stand in the draft thus making them permanent.
 Accept with the stated changes and recommendations, to be developed by CAPA and Kate.
 Recommend changes not be accepted and revert to original document.
For next brown bag
- suggested language for future discusson: LAUC "endorse" rather than "approve" draft.
- review Goals & Objective language further and flesh-out recommended text; put together a group of experts to take this on.
- AH will color code "Potential Issues" document to highlight current understanding based on discussion so far.
- KMc meeting with LO and CC - Recruitment Chronology focus group of past selection committee members has been charged; AH indicated CAPA had not been contacted; if review of chronology takes longer, will we need to delay Membership Meeting to accommodate revisions within PAPAREP?
Statewide Assembly: 
- dates still under discussion
- program format > discussion of CUL Strategic Directions docuent
- divisional feedback due March 29
- hold brown-bag to elicit local comment?
Advisory Structure:
- goes into effect 7/1
- questions raised so far:
 - standing groups (not sure what this means)
 - what is the transition plan?  (is there one?)
 - what happens to common knowledge groups?
- LO will ask Elizabeth C. to host a local discussion
New business:
Elections/Nomination process (LJ): statewide elections are June 3 but we should start thinking about local elections; form nominating committee; chair-elects should let Lee know of members they would like recruited for 13/14 positions;
Minutes by Frank Gravier and Lee Jaffe.