LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 2-7-08

LAUC-Santa Cruz Executive Council Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2008

Present: Kerry Scott (Chair), Frank Gravier (Vice Chair), Sue Perry (CAPA Chair), Christy Hightower (Secretary), Danielle Kane (General Committee Chair), and members: Ginny Steel, Annette Marines.

New Business: Discussion of proposal to form a local LAUC committee to explore R&PD/Admin funding for professional development.

Scott charged a committee consisting of herself, Frank Gravier, Ken Lyons and Christy Hightower to review local R&PD funding. Scott will chair the group. Scott will send the committee charge to the membership for comment [sent on 2/7/08].

Chair's Report.

Report on the UCSC Committee on the Library (CoL) meeting on January 15, 2008:

  • CoL Chair Donna Hunter reported on the University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication (UColaSC) continuing efforts to help support the revision of the systemwide Open Access policy.
  • UL Steel reported on the McHenry Library's upcoming move and related closure. Faculty expressed some concern over availability of services related to the start of the quarter (specifically Reserves).
  • The next meeting of the committee is on Tuesday, February 19, 2008.

Report on the LAUC statewide conference call:

  • We have one candidate per open position (Secretary and President). Nominations Chair, Lise Snyder is still soliciting names. UCSC is eligible to put forward names for President. If you have names, or are interested in serving, please send that information to Kerry Scott.
  • Spring assembly program options were discussed.. Options included Web 2.0, Google and Future of Bibliographic Control, eBooks,or support for hand-held computing in libraries. The Assembly will be held at UCI and the web page will be up soon.
  • The charge for the Professional Governance Committee was sent to the chair for feedback. The draft charge focuses on peer review. Bob will forward the charge to the Executive Board.
  • Local LAUC Chairs were asked to check in with their ULs regarding LAUC's continued concern RE: peer review and the bargaining discussions about LAUC's role in the peer review process.

Vice Chair's Report. Sarah Troy joined the local R&PD committee. The local R&PD guidelines page at will be updated.

CAPA Chair's Report. Nothing to report at this time.

General Committee Chair's Report.

Kane submitted a written progress report on the work of the Recruitment & Retention Committee to the LAUC Executive Committee. The committee completed two surveys of the LAUC membership in addition to other substantial research. The group is on track for their work to be completed and a final report with recommendations to be turned in by their original deadline of March 7th.. Future LAUC-SC Executive Committees will follow up on the committee's formal recommendations on an annual basis as needed to ensure that the issues that are important to the membership that are raised in the report continue to receive attention. The group's report will also be helpful in informing the work of the statewide Diversity Committee. UL Steel remarked that formal recommendations like these from the committee can be very useful in moving conversations and issues forward. Scott thanked the committee for their good work to date.

Kane continues to work on getting a speaker to talk to the membership. A second email invitation has been sent to Michael Mateas. Kane will also send a message to the membership asking for suggested speakers that members may have seen at conferences or elsewhere [done]. We have a budget of $3,000 that can be used to bring in a speaker.

Secretary's Report. Nothing to report at this time.

Minutes by Hightower