LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 2-6-03

LAUC / SCX Meeting Minutes, February 6, 2003

Present: Turner, Lyons, Careaga, Machlis, Jahns, Mokrzycki

1. Chair's report
A. Turner reported on the status of the distinguished step discussion and of proposed changes to LAUC Position Paper #1. The Council agreed that the issue is complicated enough to justify a special membership meeting prior to the spring assembly. Turner will formulate a statement of the issues and schedule a membership meeting in March or April.

B. Turner discussed changes made to the LAUC By-Laws that were reported at the fall assembly. The issue of making sure local by-laws agree with these changes was referred to the General Committee.

C. Turner sought comment on proposed changes to PAPA/LS and PAPAREP/LS Appendix XIX, Procedure for Conferring Librarian Emeritus Status. The Council requested additional information about how many emeritus librarians there are, what percentage of retiring librarians apply for emeritus status, what the cost of providing a CATS account to any emeritus would be, and what statements regarding emeritus status exist for faculty and other non-Senate academics.
Machlis agreed to try to get such information. The Council agreed to make this issue part of the general membership meeting in March or April.

D. Turner reported on five matters from the LAUC Executive Board: LAUC concern about RLF budget cuts; establishment of a task force to update the five LAUC Position Papers; various issues raised in SOPAG minutes, especially regarding shared collections; the LAUC Privacy Task Force; and news from divisions following the fall assembly. Documents are available on all these topics on the LAUC website under Statewide LAUC Communication to Divisions.

2. Lyons reported on his investigations into subscriptions for Library Literature and LISA, each of which is available in CD-ROM and online versions
from a variety of vendors. He is setting up trial online subscriptions, and will announce these to the membership when they are established. Other suggested uses of LAUC/SC funds were a subscription to "Progressive Librarian" and 2nd copies of core journals in librarianship for more effective routing within the library. It was agreed that Lyons should request additional suggestions for these funds.

3. There were no announcements, and no reports from the Secretary, General
Committee chair, or CAPA chair.

Minutes by Paul Machlis (CAPA Chair)

Minutes approved by Executive board February 27, 2003 - LO