LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes, 2-5-98

LAUC-SC Executive Council Meeting Minutes

LAUC-SC Executive Council Meeting Minutes, 2/5/98

Present: Soehner, Murphy, Chang, Hubble, Ramirez

Guest: Jahns


Jahns reported on the LAUC Professional Governance Committee conference call which took place on February 4, 1998, regarding changes to the Librarian Series. Jahns also reported feedback from UCSC staff on these issues. Major questions discussed were:

1. Do we want to radically change the Librarian Series? To a more administrative type series?

The origin of this idea was to compare librarians to employees in the MAP series, who are more highly paid. Major problems with this comparison are, loss of career status; loss of peer review; loss of academic perks such as vacation time; loss of AFT representation and some parts of this series are not reviewed regularly. There was then discussion about no good group to compare ourselves to. Suggestions were to try & point out gender bias, as librarians are seen as a women's profession. Compare with other professions in terms of skills, education and responsibilities, such as computer specialists.

The LAUC Professional Governance Committee will take a request to have a professional survey done of UC Librarians to the LAUC Executive Board meeting March 4, 1998.

2. Do we want to add steps to the Librarian Series?

There was no clear agreement from campus LAUC Professional Governance Committee members on this question. Librarian V has been applied very differently on different campuses. Last year LAUC voted to recommend to UCOP to add steps to Librarian series. However, the request for input to add steps was not discussed widely. The request died, supposedly due to lack of campus support. The Committee is looking toward the March 4th LAUC Executive Board meeting to discuss this further.

3. Should we change the name of the series to omit the word Librarian?

Most UCSC staff who commented to Cynthia were in favor of rejecting a new name which excludes the word librarian.


Ramirez reported that CAPA has received a list of librarians up for review, along with some individual documents.


Soehner provided a packed of information which included the following:

  • LAUC BUDGET 1997/1998
  • Calendar for LAUC Election 1998
  • Quick LAUC Guide to UCOP
  • LAUC Fall Assembly 1997 Delegates
  • Draft LAUC Committee Charges - October 1997
  • Librarians Association of the University of California Committee Roster 1997/98
  • Copy of email message from Myron Okada to Lucia Snowhill (Oct 12, 1997) regarding a number of items, such as: a discussion of COLA's; stipends; adding steps to the Librarian series and LAUC recommendation of a salary survey.
  • DRAFT APM Librarian Series - 360-18
  • Resolution Presented by LAUC-LA in Response to Proposed Academic Personnel Man 360-18 Section c., Fall Assembly November, 1997.


Chang reported that $420.00 had been spent this year from the LAUC budget. She is working on offering a new workshop next month called, "Turning Savings into Income ...". She is also working on future workshops, such as those dealing with estate planning, from both the financial and legal perspectives.


Murphy reported that she will be sending out a message to LAUC members asking them to respond to a proposal to spend LAUC funds on a new laptop.

Minutes by Hubble