LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 2-4-99

LAUC/SC Executive Board Meeting - Minutes

February 4, 1999

McHenry 325 9-10am


- Deborah Murphy and Cynthia Jahns presented the LAUC Professional Governance Report to EVC John Simpson and discussed the recommendations in the report.

- EVC Simpson will be meeting with library staff 2/12/99 in the staff room at 1pm. LAUC members are invited to send discussion topics to Murphy before the meeting.

Report from the Chair:

Murphy updated the executive board on the status of the statewide LAUC activities and responses to the Professional Governance Report.

CAPA Report:

CAPA members have received reports from supervisors and external referees with difficulties returning letters to review initiators during the time period stated on the librarian review calendar. CAPA members plan to discuss the issue of extending the length of time given to external referees with the AUL-HR for next year's review period.

General Committe Report:

Mokrizicki noted that there are still funds available in the LAUC budget for additional programs this fiscal year.

R&PD Report:

Chesley reported that a librarian has requested R&PD funds to pay for professional association memberships. Chesley is searching for a written policy on the use of R&PD funds and will discuss the request with the AUL-HR.

Minutes by Chesley