LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 2-4-10


LAUC-SC Executive Board Meeting

February 4, 2010

9-10:00 a.m.

Location: McHenry 0345

Present: N. Lawson, L. Jaffe, A. Marines, D. Murphy, S. Troy

Minutes: D. Murphy

1. Announcements


2. Migration of LAUC website to Drupal (DM)

Action: Add to next ExBd agenda

3. Committee on Libraries report (ST)

Met 1/12.  Report given on S&E Library takeover.  Discussion of student fee referendum.  Discussion of fees for library services such as Eres or ILL loans from outside the UC system.  Committee members liked the libraries communication around cuts to journal subscriptions.  Suggested using this as a model for discussions involving fees for ILL.

1/26 discussion via email.  Library distributed ILL statistics and costs.  Discussions of various thoughts regarding funding sources suggested.  Faculty were concerned at the possibility of potential ILL fees.

4) Campus Welfare Committee (AM)

Will be looking at Child Care Access Committee (CCAC) policies.  Currently no staff or faculty support.  They will continue to have faculty and staff representatives on this committee.  CCAC will report directly to the Chancellor.  Question came up re: how librarians fit in the staff/faculty designation. 

Action: AM will pursue question of librarians place within the staff faculty designation.

5. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (ST)

LAUC statewide will pursue acquiring data on librarians who leave UC, their reasons for leaving and whether they are replaced.  Also looking at what happens to libraries and librarians when a library closes

South Regional Meeting planned.  There is a need for a least a large meeting to replace the Spring LAUC Assembly at UCR before 5/31.  Will discuss the CPG report on 'Investing in the future of librarians in UC'. 

Campuses are discussing issues around the Distinguished Step.  Statewide is reviewing campus policies for conferring Emeritus status.

Next Assembly will be in early 2011 at UCSB.

Discussed electronic elections and will look at survey tools such as Survey Monkey used at UCSC.

6. Chair's Report (ST)

Met with Ginny Steel and reported on LAUC statewide call.  Also reported on CAPA related concerns, specifically:

- Why are some RIs asking for letters from outside referees for routine reviews?

- What is the role of the secondary supervisor's letter? Do we need it?  Would we also need tertiary supervisor input?

7. Vice Chair's Report (NL)

Local R&PD mini grant submissions have been received.  KL, NL and CC are on the local committee to review statewide grant submissions.

8. CAPA Chair's Report (LJ)

PAPA revisions are still in process. 

Action: Look at other UC models as a possible starting point to send out to membership for comments.

9. General Committee Chair's Report


10. Secretary's Report (DM)