LAUC SC Executive Board Minutes 2-3-11

LAUC Executive Meeting

3 Feb. 2011

Present: Nicole Lawson, Kerry Scott, Frank Gravier, Annette Marines, Sarah Troy, Nicholas Meriwether, Greg Careaga.

1. Announcements (Nicole Lawson): No announcements.

2. Minutes from 13 Jan. 2011 meeting approved.

3. LAUC Calendar & Supplementary Job Descriptions (Nicole Lawson):  Two documents sent out; one is a timeline charting what LAUC needs to be doing and when, along with a visual representation of the timeline. General web site updates necessary, too. Question of dropping supplementary job descriptions in favor of timeline emerges; consensus is to keep the descriptions and highlight responsibilities in the timeline. Group agrees to review and provide feedback for Nicole at the next meeting, especially whether information should be included in the supplementary job descriptions or in the timeline.

4. Secondary Supervisor Changes (Greg Careaga/All): Brown bag meeting is in the works but not scheduled yet. Greg has not had a chance to review in depth; will try to schedule by end of the month. Consensus is that the idea seems sound, although how to define secondary supervisor is important. Greg points out that a mechanism needs to exist to ensure feedback, both for the goals and performance, in order to ensure that both the supervisor role and the evaluation letter are meaningful; also needs to diminish the burden on a select few secondary supervisors. Greg notes that the membership should make the decision since LAUC is self-governing; consensus is that entire membership will vote, with the brown bag a chance to understand the issues. Discussion ensues over whether a LAUC vote would be binding on Administration; Nicole notes that the changes under discussion may only affect one set of PAPA documents, those governing the PAPA-REP/LS, not the non-represented version. Another issue that emerged had to do with balloting, and when secret ballots were used; consensus emerges that if anyone asks for a secret ballot, a paper vote would be held.

5. LAUC Assembly Update (Nicole Lawson): Dan Greenstein will address the group via Skype; Bruce Miller and Brian Schottlaender will be present and address the group about the Next Gen LAUC Report, although LAUC is still soliciting questions from membership to help shape their presentations. Nicole will send out call to membership for questions to be posed. In the afternoon, breakout sections will be held, including sessions on the seven areas of the Report: User Services, Instructional Services, Collections, Tech Services, Outreach, Administration, and Digital Initiatives. Nicole will poll the membership to ask for ideas on breakouts; one idea is to explore resource sharing.

6. Local Program/Event Ideas (all): Emergency Planning event possibility in the works; have approximately $719 to spend which can be used to bring in a speaker, or perhaps catering. Administration is receptive to the idea and might supplement those funds if a speaker is interesting to the entire Library. Other ideas include a presentation by the new dean, or Julie Chen, or perhaps a speaker or panel on the history of librarianship in the UC system, such as Kevin Starr.

7. Chair’s Report (Nicole Lawson): The UL’s report on the Task Force on Distinguished Step needs to be discussed; the discussion has not been as heated at UCSC as on other campuses. Options are status quo; replace last two steps; totally separate raise from honorific. Greg advocates option B, because the cost-of-living increase has not kept pace with inflation, which means that most librarians have lost two or three steps to inflation. Consensus is that the report was disappointing in its structure and presentation of findings. Survey of LAUC membership may occur; ULs will discuss on Feb. 16. The Committee on Libraries is trying to add scholarly communication to its charter; at the first meeting the chair proposed this, with sample language; group is in favor but the question is how broad the charge is. Charter has not been approved; after that, three different faculty committees have to then approve.

8. Vice Chair’s Report (Annette Marines): R&PD Committee received two grant requests; might be one more round. The web site is next on agenda; contemplating a separate site for R&PD Committee.

9. General Committee Chair’s Report (Kerry Scott): no report.

10. CAPA Chair’s Report (Greg Careaga): no report.

11. Secretary’s Report (Nicholas Meriwether): no report.