LAUC-SC Executive Board Minutes 2-3-05

LAUC-SC Executive Council Meeting Minutes February 3, 2005, 9:00am McHenry room 325 1. Announcements 2. Chair's Report Activity at statewide LAUC: - Kari Lucas (SD), Linda Kennedy (D), and Terence Huwe (B) have drafted a white paper on the the instructional role of librarians. Kari Lucas has also posted, concerning this topic, the first guest opinion piece on the LAUC website with some background on conditions at San Diego, available online at - Dan Goldstein (D), Andrea Duda (SB), Anita Colby (LA), Janet Martorana (SB), and Angela Riggio (LA) have been appointed to an ad hoc committee that will explore forming a peer-reviewed journal to be published by LAUC via eScholarship. - LAUC is soliciting experts or interested librarians for authoring white papers on Copyright/Fair Use and Privacy. - LAUC Exec. Board is gathering information on Academic Senate and librarian relations at each campus. - LAUC Exec. Board is gathering information on definition of emeritus status at each campus. - Take note: The LAUC Spring Assembly is scheduled for June 2 and 3, at UC Santa Barbara. Activity of LAUC-SC: - Lyons communicated concern to library administration over recent news that the north side of McHenry was no longer designated a free speech area of campus. Acting UL White talked to the Chief Operating Officer of Student Affairs and, after meetings with other campus groups, the area has been reinstated as a "public expression area" which is "open to the public generally". - LAUC-SC Executive Council is discussing the formation of an ad hoc committee to review membership and procedures of CAPA at other UCs. Action: Lyons will look into 2 or 3 specific questions or topics to address and possible membership for the ad hoc committee. 3. Vice Chair's Report - Invitation to meet with library staff has been extended to incoming Chancellor Denton. Nothing has been scheduled so far. - Reminder: Each librarian has $900 in R&PD funds for the fiscal year. There will be no redistribution of unused funds at the end of the year. 4. CAPA Chair's Report - 10 librarians are up for review this year. - Final documentation was due to review initiators January 31. 5. General Committee Report - Presentations from Judy Kaufman are scheduled for Feb. 15 at 10am and 2pm. She will cover national issues of interest to all library staff. More details to follow from Caldwell. 6. Secretary's Report - Lucia Orlando has generously offered to take over LAUC-SC secretarial duties while Perry is on maternity leave, beginning in April. Respectfully submitted by Susan Perry, LAUC-SC Secretary -- Sue Perry Reference Librarian Electronic Services Coordinator University Library 1156 High Street Santa Cruz, CA 95064 chesley at 831-459-5590